Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

After you’ve been in business for awhile, and have gained some success it sometimes becomes something it never was before. Draining…..

You throw around ideas of your next big “thing”, or venturing into another business. But nothing sings to you the way your original business did. You feel sometimes like if you start over, maybe you can avoid all of the mistakes you’ve made in your current small business. All of the doubts and stresses of being the “one in charge” weigh on your shoulders…and you begin to wonder if you are where you’re supposed to be.

Staying motivated in your small business can be a daunting task, when you’re the only one getting much done. Or you’re the primary point of contact for every decision, every move, every fix, every quirk that your business faces. So because spring is a brand new season, lets embrace this time of year with some quick tips on how you can stay motivated and keep a balanced life.

Set a New Goal

Your SMB may be old news, but your goal can be a new one. Maybe you want to start a weekly blog, or network more, send out thank you cards to existing clients. It doesn’t have to be a monetary goal, just set one. This goal will allow you to set into an action plan to achieve it and help build momentum to keep going.

Find Inspiration

Reading about someone who walked the path of entrepreneurship before you, may offer some inspiration to a new victory. Reading, listening to inspirational videos, or music may also help open the waves of your mind to new creative ideas and feelings. Writing in a gratitude journal to remind you of everything that life has given you that’s positive. Even finding inspiration in some difficult roads that you’ve successfully maneuvered.

What Use to Bring You Happiness that You Stopped Doing

Nothing will stifle a creatively minded entrepreneur like the feeling of being in a rat race and no longer gaining happiness from what you’re doing. Look back and remember something you used to love doing that you’ve given up to devote those precious hours to your business…..and do that. Don’t sacrifice every part of who you were that inspired you to go into business for yourself, for the sake of the business. That’s like mom’s sacrificing every ounce of themselves for their children. Sure it’s “noble” to give selflessly, endlessly, but it’s not maintainable. Find a happy balance between things you love doing, and things you have to do.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Enjoying my son and his own personal accomplishments.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Inspirational people, Steve Jobs is definitely at the top of that list.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Calligraphy is something I love to play around with. Sometimes I drop off from doing it out of lack of time. But I have to make time.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

The book my son humors me to read him at least twice of year…always makes me grateful for my life.


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Neglecting Small Business Websites Can Significantly Impact Sales

“Vistaprint Digital Report Reveals Poor Design, Outdated Information and Lack of Necessary Detail are Top Website Turnoffs for Consumers.” Which of these does your small business website fall prey to?

Poor Design

By designing the site yourself, you risk wasted time and energy on a poorly designed site. Even if you have a low budget, it’s imperative that your investment is utilized wisely. Having a site redesigned improves the quality of your leads, the communication with your clients, and their trust in your business.

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Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Small Businesses leverage social media differently than Enterprises, according to HubSpot, however that doesn’t mean that small business can’t utilize it to help level the playing field.

Small companies were likely to spend 2x as much of their overall marketing budget for online advertising on social sites. Whereas Enterprises were much more likely to spend marketing between social media and outbound marketing (mailing, phone marketing, direct mail, tradeshows, etc…).

Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Small Business need to focus on key components of their marketing efforts which include:

  • Improve brand recognition and  community visibility
  • Creating opportunity for more website traffic and gathering leads
  • Increase and improve customer loyalty by engaging consumers and using social media marketing to assist with customer service

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5 Simple Tips for Increasing Online Visibility with Anchorage Alaska Web Design

Exposure is a vital commodity for an online business. If you can’t get your brand noticed, it will be hard to develop a sustainable enterprise. Forms of marketing have changed over the years, so it is important to reach potential customers in the places they most frequent. However, a good marketing strategy can still involve a variety of methods that reach a broad base of customers, allowing you the opportunity for maximum visibility within your niche.

The online world has opened up many industries, meaning even small businesses can gain vital exposure in a targeted manner. So how can an online business increase its visibility?

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8 Reasons Every Company Needs a Business Blog

Online marketing veterans will remember when blogging was the ultimate buzzword across the industry. Although, like most trends, its importance was sometimes oversold, there was no doubt that a popular, engaging blog was a huge asset to any website. If you’re doing any amount of marketing, your company needs business blog.

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4 Key Elements of a Good Logo Design

Your logo is often the first thing a viewer will see when coming in contact with your company, ministry or organization. A good logo design says something about your company, is functional, and can be a standalone piece of art. Below are 4 key elements to help with your Alaska logo design.



There are so many things you’ll have to say to your target customers. It is true that what you have to say is very important, but how you say it is also equally important. A brand voice doesn’t mean the theme songs, jingles or sound effects used for a brand. It is the language you use to reach out to your customers and send messages about your brand to them. It involves the tone of your communication, the words you use and your style of writing. Ensure that your diction and sentences are well structured and free of errors.

A brand voice works together with your brand name and logo and your social media networks. A good brand voice should be strong, clear, purposeful, consistent, engaging and motivating for your customers.

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A strong business brand should be easily recognizable. Your brand name and logo is a very essential part of your brand. It is the visual representation of everything your brand stands for. From your brand values, to your mission to your standards and everything that defines your business brand.

Brand recognition starts with your name and your logo. It is very important that you get this right and clear from the onset and come up with a brand name and logo that will stand out and represent what your brand depicts. You should also take your target customers into consideration when developing a brand name and logo. Will your brand name and logo be appealing to them? Will they be able to easily relate with it? Will it be able to seal the trust you already established with them? Will it reflect your brand personality? You really need to provide positive answers to these questions when settling for a brand name and logo. This is why you should take your time to decide the best name and logo for your brand.

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Actions, they say, speaks louder than words. That is also very true in this case.

, I know a lot of effort was put into defining your brand and developing a strong brand community. But you cannot afford to disappoint your customers at this stage. It won’t be pleasant to find out that the brand that is all over the place is a flop and an empty barrel that is just making noise. Oh no! That is a very bad step for your business brand and can crash your business before it even starts.

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