3 Strategies for your New Alaska Logo Design

When creating a new logo design for your Alaska business, there are some strategies you should consider to ensure your logo is effective and recognizable.There are many things to consider but below are 3 strategies to start with for your new Alaska logo design.

Anchorage Alaska Logo Design

Contrast for Logo Design

One of the keys to an effective logo is contrast. Without some sort of contrast, your logo will just blur together and won’t be as effective or recognizable as it could be. Squint at your logo. Does everything blur together into a fuzzy mess or can you still distinguish between the highlights and shadows?

Balance in Logo Design

You may choose to use a graphic with the text of your logo, or make your company name into its own graphic instead of just text.This is a great idea but to keep a clean and effective logo, balance is key.Putting certain colors or lines heavily on one side or the other can weigh down your logo, making it seems “off” somehow and it can look lopsided even though it’s not.

Sizeable Logo Design

There will be many reasons you’ll need to use your logo from business cards to your website to print media.If the logo you choose is only effective on a specific scale, you are missing out on effective marketing across all of your marketing platforms.Keep in mind all the possible sizes you may need to use your logo for. You may want to put it on the side of a building or on a billboard and also make magnets and yoyos. Adaptability is crucial and it starts with legibility and effectiveness at any size.

There are many things you can do to get an effective logo for your Alaska business but the smartest is checking out a web designer you can bounce ideas off of and get involved with for the design of your logo.

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3 Key Elements For A Successful Alaska Web Design Homepage

In the digital age, your Alaska web design is going to be one of the first things a customer sees when familiarizing themselves with your Alaskan company. The homepage of your Alaskan company should have the following three components for a successful first impression.

Web Design Anchorage Alaska

Immediate Clarification of What You Do

A client doesn’t want to have to hunt down your mission statement to figure out who you are and what you do. This information should be front and center on your website’s homepage. A few simple statements or photos can relay the information you want and encourage customers to request more details for the service they need.

Service Overview

A general idea of what you do is great to start with. More detail on your homepage of the specific services you offer- be it links to pages detailing these services, a general list, or photos- helps clients figure out if you are the right company for them. The faster they can decide you’re the right company, the more likely they are to reach out for a quote or appointment for your services.

Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions

Are you constantly getting calls or information emails from potential customers asking the same questions? Is there something people need to know that they may not think to ask? It may not mitigate it completely, but having the answers to these questions right on your website homepage gives the information your customers are clearly looking for. Providing enough information to be useful and not so much that they don’t need to reach out is a key balance for your homepage.

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3 Examples of Successful Alaska Branding


What qualifies as a “successful” brand?

A cohesive, recognizable image the represents a company and tells the consumer what they need to know is my definition of a successful brand. These three examples of successful Alaska branding will hopefully inspire you when you start to work on your branding package.

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How to Develop Your Alaska Brand Design

Whether you are just starting out with a new Alaska brand or you have an existing Alaska business brand, developing your brand is key to successful marketing. There are a few key steps in developing your Alaska business brand that will help utilize your brand to its full potential.