Are you making the most of Instagram in your marketing?

Instagram offers a wide range of opportunities for you to grow your brand and find your audience. But if you’re new to Instagram and haven’t used it before you may not know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 10 Instagram marketing tips you don’t want to miss.

Switch Over to a Business Profile Immediately

The first thing you should do is set up a Business Account. There are some benefits to setting your account up as a business profile you don’t want to miss.

For example, you can let users contact you directly from your Instagram page. Much like they can if they go via your website.

You can natively  create and publish Instagram ads and use Insights, the Instagram analytics tool. This will give access to data for your posts’ reach and impressions.

2. Have Defined Goals

You need to view social media platforms like Instagram as tools. But you can’t hope to use those tool well if you don’t know what you’re building. Instagram marketing can mean different things to different people.

You may even have a combination of goals. But, if you don’t know what you want to achieve, you can’t make the most of your Instagram strategy. So take some time and set out your goals. These can change as you go forward, but have a solid starting point.

3. Post Consistent Content Showing Off Your Brand Personality

If you want to increase your brand awareness using Instagram, consistency is the key. Your content must keep in line with your brand personality. Only post videos and images that match with your brand’s goals.

When a users lands on your Instagram page, they should know right away what your brand is about. You should be using all these images so that people can get to know your business’ values and what you can offer.

4. Create & Use Brand Hashtags

Creating and using brand hashtags is an easy way to get Instagram users to engage with your business. They help other users learn about your brand too who may not have heard of you.

Using a hashtag campaign can also boost user engagement with your business. You can use them to help make a community around your brand with your users.

Make sure you keep your hashtags short, simple and easy to remember though. Be specific, and center it around topics that interest your audience.

5. Optimize Your Business Bio Section

Your bio is one of the most important parts of your page. There are also ways you should optimize it which include adding:

  • An engaging, on-brand profile picture
  • A bio that tells users your brand is about
  • A link to your site
  • Relevant hashtags

This is the “first impressions” part of Instagram, so get it right. You don’t get another chance. Make sure users get a feel for your business and what you can offer.

6. Optimize Your Profile Picture

As we said above, first impressions are everything. One of the first things users will see is your profile picture. It’s vital that this image ties in with your brand message.

Consider using your logo, of if not, another image iconic to your brand. Instagram will crop your picture into a circle. So make sure the important parts are in the middle and you leave room around the edges.

7. Make Sponsored Ads

On the platform, Instagram ads are commonplace now. Like most PPC, you set the exact amount you want to spend.

You can also choose to show just one ad, or have several in a “carousel”. This lets you target your audience in a completely new way.

Sponsored ads make use of engaging content that appeals to the audience you want to see your ads. You can use your popular, existing posts as sponsored ads as well. So, make sure to keep and eye on what posts are performing.

8. Collect Photos Submitted by Users

By collecting user submitted photos, you further engage with your audience. And they take some of that content hard work away from you in the process.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of followers, you can get them to create great content for you. It’s easy, on Instagram your users are likely looking to grow their own following like you.

Let them know you’ll tag them into your post if you use their photo to “regram”. They’ll have the incentive to post consistent, user content for you to make use of.

9. Create Great Captions

Instagram is a visual platform but this doesn’t mean you should ignore your caption. You need to get your brand voice out there, as much as your brand look. And like your visual elements, your captions should remain consistent.

Each caption can be up to 2,200 characters in length. This means you can mix things up with storytelling and quick punchy lines. But note, only the first two lines will show up unless a user clicks “more”.

With this in mind, get the most important information into those first two lines. Then, if you’ve got more to say then put the rest down. But always make sure it’s worth reading. Captions must be relevant, information/entertaining, on-brand and draw users in.

10. Work with Instagram Influencers

Work with Influencers. It’s one of the fastest, most efficient ways to increase brand awareness on Instagram. Influences have thousands (or even millions) of followers. And they can recommend your brand to them all.

The key here is to choose influencers that fit in with your brand personality and industry. For example, if you’re a game developer, it makes sense to choose gaming influencers.

Of if you’re a beauty company, go with a beauty influencer. But research who you want to work with first. Make sure their message, brand and page fits in with the message of your own.

Instagram Marketing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Instagram is a very powerful form of social media for getting your brand in front of your customers. It is unique in the social media space, and needs to be treated differently to Facebook and Twitter if you want to succeed. But with these 10 Instagram marketing tips you’ll know how to make the most out of your account.

If you feel you business could benefit from Instagram management services contact us for a quote. At Bianca Frank Design our Instagram experts can use their skills to ensure your Instagram page has the impact it should, while you focus on what you do best.