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5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Alaska Web Design

Everyone in business understands that your web presence is a vital part of small business marketing and your company brand. Whether your market is in Alaska or beyond, it’s importance is understood.

Your company website is often the first stop on your customer (or potential customers) decision to hire you or your competitor. The possibility of missed sales opportunities are a concern if you have the “wrong site”. It could be issues of functionality, bad design, clutter, or outdated information. These all can lead to a downward spiral of your overall company brand and ultimately your bottom line.


Ensuring that your Alaska web design is not running into these common mistakes, will ensure that you grow your business by avoiding many of these common mistakes among business owners:

Bad Alaska Web Design

Bianca Frank Design has provided web design with a focus on branding for the last 9 years. The reason there is such an emphasis on branding is because web design without your company brand in mind doesn’t work.

Not only do you want a web presence that represents your company, you also want one with quality information. Your business doesn’t require tens of thousands of unique visitors every month, your web site requires that you meet the needs of your customers. Providing them the ability to find you through Google web search (SEO), and landing them on the appropriate pages.

Utilizing flash based sites or visually outdated sites does not speak “quality” about your company. Text heavy sites that don’t utilize any branded color schemes, unique and identifiable logo, or branded written content will limit the time a visitor stays on your website.

People go to your website because they know the information they want. You have about 3 seconds for them to find it and if not, they are gone.

Trying to DIY

Your website is often stop one for your clients. Without design experience you often times won’t do your brand justice. Do you really want your first impression to be a poorly designed site to be the face of your business? Consumers are saavy and equate a well designed website with quality of your product or service. Make sure you are leaving a lasting and positive first impression.

Rushed Alaska Web Design

I would say 1 out of every 3 website clients we interview at Bianca Frank Design, requests a very short turn-around. While it’s nice to say we can accommodate this “rush” requirement, it’s not as beneficial to the client as they may think.

You can have a site built overnight. However, how much time and energy did that web designer spend researching your business. Did they look into your competition or really tune in to understanding what your website should focus? You can’t have quality work, overnight. Be very leery of web designers that offer short turn around on web projects because you will get what you pay for.

Research isn’t just a nice perk to a web design project. It should be the basis of how your website is built. Researching and understanding your website visitors could mean vital changes in the layout of a site. An older demographic may need larger font sizes, maybe your target utilizes mobile devices more frequently. These are some things that without research a web designer won’t know.

Too Cheap or Too Costly Alaska Web Design

Google “how much should I pay for a website” and see how many responses you get. Anywhere from 99$ and a full website in 1 day up to companies that won’t even speak to you unless you have a budget of at least $15k. Sure both variations offer certain perks, but a website isn’t a one cost project that once paid for that’s it.

You may not realize that your web designer is also a business consultant on behalf of your business. They are providing you information about the world wide web and how best to focus your web presence towards your target audience. If you pay someone $99 for a website, you are allowing that individual to make business decisions for you that will be costly.

Working with a high-end agency may be out of reach for you and your business. You have to consider your budget and your desired ROI when determining what web designer to work with. Utilizing a company that specializes in small business branding and web design will allow for the best of both worlds.

Lack of Quality Content

Customers want the information they are looking for regarding the services or products you provide. A lot of assumptions are made about a site that has old content or that is no longer up to date. Your content should be updated at the very least on a weekly basis so that not only are you showing your customers that you are still an innovative player in your industry, but also to keep Google search engines happy.

Need help with your Alaska Web Design project? Bianca Frank Design specializes in small business branding, marketing, SEO and website design and will provide you a quote by contacting us below.

Beautiful branded web design, that works the way they should!


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