We live in a mobile world. It’s no secret that every part of our lives have been infiltrated with quick access to Google via our smartphones. Our phones have become an extension of our daily lives. As consumers are changing, so is how businesses are forced to relate to them. Enter the world of mobile  web design.

It’s of no surprise that in 2014 mobile internet usage exceeded desktop usage and that this was largely due to the fact that smartphone ownership, in the United States, reached almost 65%. This shift towards mobile (responsive) web design means that the search for products and services by internet users will be utilizing their smartphones to find businesses more than ever before. This was a foreseeable trend that most large corporations prepared for. But what if you’re the small business owner that didn’t prepare? If you have a web presence that isn’t optimized for mobile devices you could be missing on some easy conversion opportunities for consumers looking for your product or service. As clear as it is to a business owner to opt-in to the mobile web world, it seems like a daunting task. Here are some quick tips for Alaska businesses looking to revise and revisit their online mobile web presence and some necessary steps to get there.

Anchorage Alaska Web Design | What is a Mobile Site?

A mobile (responsive) website is one that is formatted and easily displayed intently for the smartphone users. Phones such as iPhones or Androids or any one of the tablets on the market. The three primary forms of mobile sites are:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Dedicated
  • Responsive

Let’s take a closer look at each of these “types” of platforms.

Anchorage Alaska Web Design | Mobile-friendly Site

The easiest transition into the mobile web world is the “mobile-friendly” site. This approach is utilized when time or budgets are restricted. This site is essentially a site that doesn’t cause link breaking. However, it does cause the user to have to zoom in order to read content clearly. This direction works well for sites that are primarily informational and aren’t a site that needs a great deal of user interaction.

Anchorage Alaska Web Design | Dedicated Site

The dedicated site allows visitors to gain a more structured approach to site browsing. The structure and content of the site is formatted in a way to specifically limit content to only provider mobile users minimized content. The design of the dedicated site is most often times different than the users desktop experience. However, the benefit is for service focused businesses where the full content isn’t necessary for their users in a mobile setting. It’s a quick and easy approach to showing a service business information such as location, hours of operations, services, and a quick overview of the business in general. It provides the mobile-user exactly the content that they would need without the rest of the bulk of the desktop site.

Anchorage Alaska Web Design | Responsive Web Design

In my opinion, the best option is the responsive website. This approach allows for the customer to not only allow for display of relevant content it allows for the site to morph based on the mobile device. With responsive design you don’t lose important content from your site and you don’t force your user to pinch and zoom to read your content and information on your website. Responsive sites resize the pixel dimensions in a site based on the device you’re view