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How to Write Remarkable Meta Descriptions

Nowadays, web marketing gets more and more competitive. It takes more and more effort to rank your websites high on Google and other search engines. Sometimes, small things can have an enormous influence on how your website ranks. Bianca Frank specializes in web marketing, and we regularly ensure that all factors of your marketing are […]

6 Ways to Advertise Online

Have you tried to advertise online? Have you been on the move trying to market your business to gain popularity and attract more clients? In this post, you’ll find six hidden secrets of online advertising that the highest-ranking website owners have been keeping under their sleeve for the last decade. So what is online advertising? […]

Social Media Marketing Guide for Beginners

What’s Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is a process to build awareness for your product and services. Social media marketing is for all and anyone with an ambition to market their brands and services for better sales, but not everyone uses social media for business. You may know about models and celebrities who are […]

The Influence of Social Media in Business

The high level of social media influence in business remains constant. While social media has created a significant number of opportunities, some will say that it is not without its cons. Social media has become more popular than ever before. There are more than 3.5 billion online social media users out of the 7.7 billion […]

Why Your Alaskan Business Needs A Rebrand?

To rebrand or not to rebrand is a question that is being given considerable thought by Alaskan businesses. Actually, this is a universal question posed to all companies around the world during their business lifecycle. Before delving into the WHY of rebranding, we most understand the concept of “brand” and be able to distinguish between […]

Branding and Marketing Campaign

As a new business trying to grow your brand, we understand that every dollar counts. Building branding and marketing into your operating budget is equally as important as business expenses like payroll and rent. Branding equals Sales. Let Bianca Frank Design help you create a branding and marketing campaign today that will attract more customers, […]

Thanksgiving Digital Marketing Strategies

Our digital marketing team is committed to ensuring that you enjoy a seamless process of marketing and selling various products and services. This Thanksgiving season, let’s be grateful for the full range of strategies and digital tools available to help us increase our lead generation. Together, with the expertise of the best web designer in […]