Brand and marketing for 2016 is the talk of the town. Read up on 5 ways you can start building your small business brand today.

I get a ton of calls on the immediate needs of new (or redesigned) websites, immediate turn around on print deliverables (brochures, business cards, posters), trade-show booth displays, or a social media campaign that can’t wait.

Don’t Put Off Brand and Marketing

When you scramble around, or force that on a designer often times the results are less than desirable. Most of the people willing to take on the fly jobs, are less qualified than those that may be booked for months. And as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. However, in this case what may suffer is bigger than your pocket book, it may in fact be the overall image of your company.

Build Your Brand in a Timely Fashion

Consider a plan with a professional that can set out expectations and develop a list of deliverables over an extended period of time.

Consider Brand and Marketing Part of Your Operating Budget

You have costs as any small business or entrepreneur does. Whether it’s the cost of your payroll, electric, rent, or products your business has expenses. Your brand and marketing budget should not be an afterthought and if it is…you are in trouble.

Cash strapped or not, being disciplined enough to create this budget will benefit your business overall in the long run.

Build Your Brand with a Budget

Consider it part of your operating expenses to take at least 5%-15% of your budget to apply directly to branding and marketing efforts. You will see a valuable return on growing your brand recognition and equity in the marketplace.

Know (or Learn) Your Analytics

You can NOT know where you’re at unless you know where you’ve started. Getting the basic Google analytics included in a web design should be standard for any company providing these services. If it isn’t…!

It’s ok if the analytics themselves are over your head. There are millions of you tube, and google results that will provide you the absolute basics to look for at least once a month.

You can always hire a professional to provide this to you once a month. Your analytics should be included in your market planning for the months ahead. If you have a marketer NOT including these analytics in your planning……ask them why not.

Build Your Brand with Analytics

The top 5 Google Analytics Reports Every Business Should Monitor:

  1. Acquisition Overview
    Details how many visitors came to your site in an allotted time and  where that they came from.
    ( Find this report through Google Analytics > Acquisition > Overview )
  2. Social Overview
    This report will allow you to see where your social media efforts are coming from. Facebook posts, tweets, linkedin etc…
    Find this report through Google Analytics > Acquisition > Social > Landing Pages
  3. Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate
    Bounce Rate measures the visitors who landed on a single webpage and then left without visiting any other pages. Exit Rate measures your visitors of a single webpage that click away and completely leave the site. 
    ( Find this report through Google Analytics >Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages )
  4. Top Landing Pages
    Shows specifically which page the majority of your website visitors are frequenting. The list shows in order of highest visits to lowest.
    ( Find this report through Google Analytics >Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages )
  5. Exit Pages
    Shows us what pages visitors are leaving the site from. Ideally visitors leave from form completion pages, or order completed pages. If they are exiting from your home page, that can send red flags that your site is being underutilized.
    ( Find this report through Google Analytics >Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages )

Post Relevant and ORIGINAL Content on Social Media

It really is ok to be yourself on social media. Well not too much of yourself, but stop the re-post madness. Your social media platform comes with a great level of responsibility. That responsibility is to engage. Tell stories, give facts, and insights into your business that the average person can’t google themselves online.

You are providing valuable information and interaction with your customers that you can’t get in any other platform. That’s the beauty of social media.

Build Your Alaska Brand with GREAT Social Media Content

Develop a monthly plan on what content will be posted and when. Start out small, but stay consistent. An experienced brand designer and marketer will develop and maintain your social media presence. ORIGINAL, written and visual content is vital to attracting and retaining the customers that you want.

Your IT Guys is NOT Your Brand and Marketing Department

He or She has probably spent countless hours digging you out of the clutches of the unknown behind the scenes of a website. Programmers are amazing at what they do and in no way would I minimize their contribution to the overall function of a website.

Build Your Alaska Brand with an Experienced Brand and Marketing Professional

However just like a website developer knows the language of code, brand and marketing professionals understand the language of their respective fields. Trusting your website and the development of its content to someone focusing on your overall company brand will create a holistic approach to the growth of your company brand.

If you are in need of someone to help your brand and market your business for 2016 contact Bianca Frank Design today to discuss. We will provide you with a one hour free brand consultation to get you headed in the right direction.