Company Brand Social Media Marketing

As an entrepreneur you have a million and one messages being sent at you as to what is the best way to grow your company brand.

Do NOT underestimate the impact of REVIEWS

They aren’t always easy to ask for or easy to come by but reviews are golden. People now and in the future will continue to utilize influencers in deciding what to purchase. Do you look at reviews before you purchase something new? Well most likely so are your customers. Whether they are sites like, google review, or amazon reviews people WILL read them! If you haven’t left a review about Bianca Frank Design, please do so now 🙂

Content Marketing…..what is it and why do I care?

You can either get your brand on board now, or get left. Content isn’t anything new, it’s just called something new.

Remember back in the day when you walked into a bar and “everyone knew your name” well that’s because you interacted with those people on a regular basis….and after some time they began to like you! Well that’s essentially what content is. You are giving people information about your product or service in a way that isn’t salesy. It’s just “you”….your “human brand you” Read more about how to use social media for brand storytelling.via GIPHY

GET MOBILE! It’s your cheapest quick fix!


You can not have a Company Brand Social Media Marketing plan without a budget. It’s impossible. Planning takes budgeting. No matter how small your business is you have to establish, and stick with a budget that is reasonable. Too many times a small business is waiting to implement a budget once they start making money. The problem with this is that you are strictly leaning on gaining customers by chance. You have to engage with your customers, explain why they need you, and continue to tell them that same exact story in various ways. Even if you are operating your social media marketing yourself, you still need a budget….even if that budget is sweat equity hours you set aside monthly to market your business.

If you want help defining your brand story and getting mobile & social attention….contact us.

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