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Business Online

How to Get More People to Notice Your Business Online

Getting people to notice your business online can be one of the hardest parts of being a business owner. It’s difficult to know where to start and how to put your business’s name into the online world. Earning positive reviews, starting a blog, and having a strong social media presence will guarantee that you will be noticed more often.

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customer feedback

How Customer Feedback Can Help Businesses

It has been said that customer feedback (or word of mouth advertising) can make or break a business. What current customers say about a business can be the deciding factor in whether potential new customers choose it or someone else for their product or service needs. COVID-19 has only increased the demand for businesses to consider customer feedback. Just as no one could have predicted this year’s events, no one knows precisely what a post-COVID business world will look like. One thing we can count on, however, is that change will take place. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more shifts we will see in consumer behavior, product demand, customer relationships, and priorities. Changes in how businesses operate have continued to evolve over the past several months. Now is the time to react to consumer behavior, gather all of the data that could help determine the appropriate steps to recovery, and ensure that the current customer experience is ready and suited to what post-COVID-19 operations might look like. Below are some ways that businesses can utilize customer feedback to prepare their business for operations after COVID.

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Brand Loyalty

Why Your Small Business Needs to Foster Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is achieved when your customers begin to continuously purchase from you rather than from your competitors. If you are a small business owner or manager, make it a point to foster brand loyalty. Your business’ growth depends on faithful customers and here are a few reasons why:

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Content is Queen <3.....Oh and......10 Reasons Why Your Audience Doesn't Care About Your Content

You could be looking for more social shares to increase your brand exposure, relevance, and reputation online. You want your social profiles to gain more visibility for an increased social following. You also want Google to recognize your brand as authoritative in your niche market and rank your web pages highly in search engine results.

However, you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with your content. The only thing you might know for sure is that you’re missing out on the benefits of a successful content strategy and you don’t know why. Here are the answers.

Here’s what’s wrong. Your content could just be, to simply put it, bad. But don’t worry: it’s not a scary word if it’s something you can fix. Read on to find out what’s wrong to effectively correct your issues and craft great content so you can achieve your goals in no time.

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Market Small Business in Hawaii

Building an Online Profile to Market Small Business in Hawaii

Online networking is very useful in building your business. There are many different social networking and marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. These offer inexpensive and simple ways to market your business. Before building an online profile, familiarize yourself with these networking sites. Educating yourself on individual networking sites helps you to identify the most suitable site for your online profile.

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5 Ways an Online Consultant Can Add Value to a Local Business

Many local businesses look to outsource their social media marketing, understanding that established consultants are informed on the latest methods and trends. Local businesses are often developed from physical locations, but later see the potential in developing an online arm. While entrepreneurs are naturally drawn to learning business techniques, there are good reasons for hiring a consultant instead of persevering on your own. Online consultants can add significant value to a business, using tactics that are more advanced than most competitors will ever attempt. So how can an established consultant add value to a local business?

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brand and marketing

5 Ways To Build Your Brand and Marketing In 2019

Brand and marketing for 2016 is the talk of the town. Read up on 5 ways you can start building your small business brand today.
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Building a Better Brand for Your Business

Building a Better Brand for Your Business – Hire the Right Agency

“In business, strong branding is the difference between success and stagnation. Humans are visual creatures, and the vital first impression of a company can rest on the design of its logo and other marketing elements.” If you want to get serious about building a better brand for your business, you need to get an experienced and talented design agency on your side.

Not all small businesses have the resources to hire in-house for this, so what should you look for when choosing a boutique design agency to work with?

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Social Media Design Management

The First 5 Stages of Logo Design

Stages of Logo Design and a Time-lapse to Prove it

Logo design is the essence of branding and anytime someone starts a new business, their legitimacy grows once an actual logo is in place. However, what the client sees and what the designers sees are two different things. One may see the finalized outcome and not realize the hours upon hours of work that is invested in creating the final look. This short time-lapse shows a smaller project that I’ve been working on (and that is yet to be completed). This footage constitutes about 5 hours of time thus far.
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design content marketing strategy

Why Your New Logo, Will Kill Your Business: Design Content Marketing Strategy

I talk to business owners, often….more than often.

They usually come to me to solve a perceived design problem. Which of course I love doing. However, I have learned through experience that they are coming to me with a bigger problem than just a design issue. They believe a brochure, a new shiny logo, or an updated website will help grow their business, and since it’s such a small investment, they take it.
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