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3 Ways to Instantly Increase Engagement with Social Media Design Management

Social media sites are one of the best ways to get new clients as well as keep current ones informed. It’s one thing to just provide information to your customers; it’s another to get their feedback as well. Engaging your customers is crucial and social media can help you do it!

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Social Media Management and Design

Social Media Management and Design : 5 Simple Things You Can Change Today! With NO MONEY

Social media is an important part of any business’s marketing campaign.You likely maintain your own social media for your small business.Here are 5 tips to help make you successful with your small business social media!

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Content Marketing: The Essential Strategy No Business Can Survive Without

Alaska Website Content and Social Media Marketing

Alaska Website Content and Social Media Marketing Ideas for Lead Generation

Alaska Website and Social Media Content is a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation. Having the right content on your website can increase the number of leads you generate. The problem that many website owners run into is that they do not know what type of content they should have to generate leads. There are a number of ideas that you can consider when it comes to content for your website.

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Neglecting Small Business Websites Can Significantly Impact Sales

“Vistaprint Digital Report Reveals Poor Design, Outdated Information and Lack of Necessary Detail are Top Website Turnoffs for Consumers.” Which of these does your small business website fall prey to?

Poor Design

By designing the site yourself, you risk wasted time and energy on a poorly designed site. Even if you have a low budget, it’s imperative that your investment is utilized wisely. Having a site redesigned improves the quality of your leads, the communication with your clients, and their trust in your business.

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Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Small Businesses leverage social media differently than Enterprises, according to HubSpot, however that doesn’t mean that small business can’t utilize it to help level the playing field.

Small companies were likely to spend 2x as much of their overall marketing budget for online advertising on social sites. Whereas Enterprises were much more likely to spend marketing between social media and outbound marketing (mailing, phone marketing, direct mail, tradeshows, etc…).

Social Media Advertising Benefits for Small Business

Small Business need to focus on key components of their marketing efforts which include:

  • Improve brand recognition and  community visibility
  • Creating opportunity for more website traffic and gathering leads
  • Increase and improve customer loyalty by engaging consumers and using social media marketing to assist with customer service

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Company Brand Social Media Marketing

As an entrepreneur you have a million and one messages being sent at you as to what is the best way to grow your company brand.

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4 Key Brand Terms and Your Business


The typical consumer gets hit by at least a couple hundred brands every day. A Market research firm Yankelovich said in 2007 that consumers see 5,000 brand impressions a day. That’s compared with about 2,000 in 1977.
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Social Media for Brand Storytelling

Social Media for Brand Storytelling

Every small business has a million and one decisions to make on a daily basis, their top priority (along with most Fortune 500 companies) isn’t Facebook….but it should be. There is literally no other form of media before or after radio, tv, direct mail, Google adwords, or banner ads that has this single known fact:

“One out of every five page views in the United States is on Facebook.”
― Gary Vaynerchuk,


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How To Develop An Effective Social Media Campaign

Effective Social media is a critical part of any business’s marketing campaign. A social media campaign will help take your business to the next level and reach many more customers.

The tips below will help you learn how to develop an effective social media campaign.

Pick Your Social Media Platforms | Effective Social Media Campaign

Depending on the kind of business you run, you may choose to use any or all of the social media platforms available. Facebook and Twitter are good for text based marketing. Instagram and Flickr are picture based and allow you to show off your work.

All of these platforms link to each other, so you can post a picture on Instagram that shows up on Facebook. It’s good to use at least one social media app since some of your customers may only use one.

You’re more likely to reach a wider audience with multiple apps. Creating visual social media campaigns are also effective in gaining connections with your clients.

Share Social Media Posts Selectively | Effective Social Media Campaign

Not every article you like personally is good for you to share and associate with your business. Keep your shared articles and pictures related to your business. You can share links to events you have advertised on your website on your Facebook page or as a tweet as you get closer to the date.

Keep Track of Your Social Media Campaign | Effective Social Media Campaign

Which platform are you getting the most hits on? How many followers do you have on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter? You may blast customers you already have by email to try and get more followers are on your social media platforms. Keep track of how many followers you had before and after and see if this is effective. Other ways to get more followers include offers or discounts by way of a password or trigger word that can only be obtained if they follow you on one of your social media pages.

Social media is a very important part of your overall marketing campaign and it can help you reach your goals! Social Media is also a key element in growing you small business branding and keeping things consistent.

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