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[Tweet “Many businesses just starting out don’t have a lot of capital to spend on a marketing campaign. “]With limited resources, a small Alaskan company must choose a strategy that is both effective and affordable. Using content marketing via a responsive website, a small business can lead potential customers to the door by creating brand awareness, building trust, and encouraging engagement.

Content marketing is quite simply a tactic to attract customers on a regular basis by creating informative and relevant content with the subtle intention of encouraging someone to buy a product or service. It is not, however, a blatant advertisement or a way to pressure a consumer to make a purchase decision.


Sometimes called “non-interrupting marketing,”

Content marketing is not just a strategy but also an ongoing process. It is a way to consistently communicate with prospects and customers without trying to sell something. Content marketing is a way to get your product or service in front of consumers by delivering information that helps someone make a more educated buy.

Distraction vs. Connection

Consumers are constantly distracted with countless advertisements, social media, and other internet distractions. Many businesses find it difficult to cut through this confusion and actually grab the attention of a consumer. By creating useful, valuable, and relevant information that a prospect looks forward to receiving and wants to read, a business can successfully target an audience and encourage them to buy a product.

Consistency in Content and Delivery

The key to any effective content marketing campaign is consistency. This translates to creating new, fresh content on a regular basis. The more content you post to your blog or website, the more opportunities for your brand to become familiar to a prospect. Eventually, your business will be first on a customer’s mind when it is time to buy.

Content marketing can help companies stand out from the crowd, but to be successful, a business owner must know exactly who potential customers are and want they want. A business must identify what topics the ideal customer would be interested in and then write articles that fill that need.

How to Deliver Great Content

Content does not necessarily have to be articles or blog posts; it can also be presented as white papers, case studies, free ebooks, or even a video. Your target audience may have different preferences when it comes to receiving content, so a successful content marketer uses different formats when presenting and distributing information.

Share, Share, Share

Once content is created, it is essential to share it across different social media platforms. Every day, millions of people engage with each other on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and many of them are surely in your target market. An effective content marketing strategy will harness the power of social media, and good, quality content has the potential to reach thousands of new consumers within minutes. Best of all, creating and posting on social media is free, so any business can afford it.

It Works!

Content marketing works, and it is used successfully by both large and small companies. Good quality and relevant content will help build your brand and establish long-term, trusted relationships with customers. Content marketing is an excellent way for a small business to cut through the internet noise and find new customers without the need for a big advertising budget.