Blink Esthetics took advantage of our Small Business Web design special. Read our Case Study on the project.

Small businesses find good web design and good branding just out of their reach due to budget and/or time. It’s frustrating as a designer because these are the people that are truly owner/operators. They are turning a passion into a career all while providing much needed jobs and opportunities to grow our economy.
I love the heart of truly passionate small business owners. I love to see them keep trying even though a lot of times the hours are long and the days grow together. When you own a business, you commit so much time to making sure it grows.

I’m eternally grateful for these businesses that give me an opportunity to hopefully make a small difference in their business. To provide them with a simple yet clean, and technically sound website that makes them proud to show off! GREAT design should be in EVERYONE’S reach and they shouldn’t have to “do it themselves.”