Marketing Strategy in 2020 is all about attracting people. As time progresses, people’s preferences and needs may change, and marketing trends may evolve.

It may be challenging to stay updated about the latest marketing practices, but it is crucial to do so for the success and growth of your business. You may have stellar products and services, but you must integrate leading digital marketing strategies to increase your sales.

The Bianca Frank Design team always stays updated about the latest digital marketing strategies as we aspire to help you acquire your competitive edge.

Customer Satisfaction

The value of search engine optimization is undeniable, and all marketers are aware of the power of your website listing as the first search result on search engines. When your website is listed on Google’s first page, you will attract more customers. It is also important to remember that the customers’ needs continually change, and therefore customers may change their go-to keywords, so you must be aware of the keywords that your customers are searching for. Your customers are several competing priorities, so they must be able to quickly and easily access information about your brand, products, and services. You may consider integrating videos, pictures, and web design improvements to ensure that your website loads quickly and is mobile-friendly.

In 2020, you should focus on prioritizing your online and offline customer experience. These days, consumers expect instant responses and 24/7 availability. It is essential to ensure that you respond to phone calls quickly, e-mails thoroughly, and direct messages frequently. Each of these modes of customer contact is also associated with your marketing, as you will provide recommendations about your products and services.

We are here to help you integrate cutting-edge technologies and strategies that will significantly enhance the experiences of your customers.

Chat Bots

In the year 2020, we recommend considering the implementation of artificial intelligence bots on your website. Although your clients may still greatly value direct human messaging and contact, chatbots have some advantages. If you integrate chatbots, then your customers may perceive you as technologically advanced. These chatbots will also help you become more efficient as you save your time, resources, and create the right audience impression. If a customer experiences minor problems or has simple questions, then chatbots may be able to resolve their inquiries quickly. You may also realize that your customers tend to ask repetitive questions and that you are taking your limited time to respond to the same questions repeatedly. Instead, you can program your chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions. If the chatbot cannot solve the customer’s issue – then the chatbot can redirect the chat to a customer service representative.

As there is nothing more powerful than personalized and prompt user experience and support, you can program your chatbot to serve your clients with individualized responses better. You can also analyze the questions that your customers ask the chatbot to understand your clients’ needs and expectations better.

Responsive Web Design

Another key marketing strategy is a responsive web design. There are always techniques that can be implemented to further enhance the responsiveness of your web design on various platforms. Your customers may use a computer, a cellphone, or a tablet to access your website. Customers are becoming increasingly impatient with delays as we live in an era where customers expect immediacy.

Have you considered how the user experience on your website matters from the first second that your customer land on your web page? Within seconds of visiting your page, your customers will decide whether they want to buy your product or service. Your website conveys the first impression of your brand, like the cover of a book. If your customers do not appreciate the look of your page and are unable to obtain critical information quickly, then they may purchase from your competitor.

By enhancing your Alaskan web design as displayed on all electronic devices, you will attract new customers and boost your sales.

Personalization of Customer Experience, Products, and Services

The role of personalization becomes more and more critical with each upcoming year. The advertisements become more personalized to connect with the emotions and psychology of your customers, and so that the customer does not feel as though your brand is irrelevant. Irrelevant advertisements can be a turn-off, and if you promote aspects of your business that do not directly relate with the customer’s interests, then your customer will feel that you do not have a product or service that matches their needs or preferences.

It is essential to ensure that you optimize a personalized marketing approach that conveys how well you understand your audience. You may also find that your customers feel as though pop-up advertisements are unpleasant and instead would prefer thorough blog posts on your website. The content can spark an interest and can directly relate to how your products and services can benefit your clients. Your blog posts can also educate and enhance the awareness of your audience to showcase your subject matter expertise. You may also consider learning more about our social media packages so that you can connect with your clients on a more personal level. You can boost your sales by paying close attention to the interests and needs of your clients and creating your brand identity, content, products, and services accordingly.

New Customers’ Behavior

You may also consider partnering with social media influencers. As part of a mobile-focused marketing strategy, you will be able to optimize on how the number of people who use social media daily will increase with each coming year. You should also consider how your clients will become interested in your products and services if they learn how you are benefiting individuals who they feel are similar or celebrities they admire. There is an increased focus on consulting social media sites before ordering products or trusting service providers.

Creating Videos

You should also consider the importance of creating videos. High-quality videos will enable your customers to learn more about the dimensions of your products, in ways that pictures cannot. Videos also enhance the reality of the product or service. The most impactful videos are the ones that center around how your audience can utilize and benefit from the product or service. In your videos, you can also address frequently asked questions. Therefore, videos are a practical investment that will advertise your brand in a modern and efficient way.

Using Voice Search

We have established that the number of people who use mobile phones is increasing daily. Did you also know that the number of people who use voice searches is growing daily?

So, consider changing the structure of your keywords. Rather than using short keywords, consider using longer phrases. For example, consider keywords such as, ‘The best restaurants near me’.

Statistics show that 40-50% of people use voice searches, and these rates will continue to increase rapidly in the upcoming years.

Interactive Content

Be ensuring that your website is highly interactive, you will engage and enhance the experience of your audience. By creating more interactive content, you will be able to acquire a competitive edge that will differentiate your website from your competitors. Your website will also appear more professional.

Have you considered integrating animations and questionnaires?


  •   Animations enhance the effectiveness and remarkableness of your website. However, you should be careful to not overuse animations, as you still want your website to appear natural, flow well, and not become too distracting and unprofessional.
  •   Research also shows that customers like to provide their insight and respond to questionnaires and polls. By engaging your customers, your customers will feel as though your brand is client-centered and as though they have a say in the products and services you offer. This data is essential to allow you to continue to grow your brand as based on client feedback.


As Alaskan digital marketing designers, we understand the challenges that many companies face each year. We know that it can become difficult to market your products and services in a way that outshines your competitors. We also understand that it can be challenging to maintain awareness about the latest Alaskan marketing trends; and to consider how to implement strategies that your competitors may not consider for years to come. With our innovative digital marketing techniques, you can genuinely outshine your competitors and attract more customers. Contact Bianca Frank Design today for your free digital marketing quote and to learn more about how we may support you.