As social media becomes more and more popular for brands, video marketing continues to be a key growth area.  Of course, companies have enjoyed a presence on YouTube for some time – but a more recent development is Facebook Live. The following article will look at some of the benefits of using live streaming video content on Facebook.

  1. You can cover events in real time

Of course, the beauty of Facebook Live is to cover things as they happen. Live events are a prime example of that in action and allow your audience to get closer to your brand. Even if some of your followers can attend the event in person, the live feature will enable you to share the experience with many more, which is especially useful if space is limited.

While you could argue that people could see a video of the event later, live action adds a new dimension. It also makes it more believable because a video could be edited for example and editing can’t happen with live action. Overall, your audience can feel they shared the event with you even from miles away.

  1. You can answer questions as they are asked

One of the best uses for live streaming video is when you invite your audience to ask questions. In this way, people can tune in and ask questions in the comment box during the stream. When they do this, they are actively part of the experience rather than just observing it.

A reason that this is so good is because of the way the conversation will develop over time. For example, if you are in an interview or on a conference call, questions emerge as the communication happens. So, you may have had questions beforehand, but your thoughts may change depending on what has been said. Facebook Live allows for that process, again making your audience feel much more involved.

  1. Facebook Live video lives on after the event

Obviously, when you broadcast live, it’s great to have as many users tune in as possible. In an ideal world, more people join as the event continues. However, the useful thing is that live video lives on beyond the initial broadcast.

After a live video has finished, it continues to be available on your Facebook page. Users will be able to watch it again, or others can see it if they missed your live broadcast. For some brands, this may be a more natural way to create video content, especially if they have limited resources. One thing to keep in mind though is things get old quickly online, so try to ensure your Facebook Live content will have use beyond a few hours after broadcast.

Facebook Live is a good thing for the vast majority of brands to be involved in. Remember live streaming in this way allows you to cover events in real time, answer questions as they are asked and creates video that survives beyond the initial broadcast. If it goes well, you can always do a new live broadcast each week.

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