After you’ve been in business for awhile, and have gained some success it sometimes becomes something it never was before. Draining…..

You throw around ideas of your next big “thing”, or venturing into another business. But nothing sings to you the way your original business did. You feel sometimes like if you start over, maybe you can avoid all of the mistakes you’ve made in your current small business. All of the doubts and stresses of being the “one in charge” weigh on your shoulders…and you begin to wonder if you are where you’re supposed to be.

Staying motivated in your small business can be a daunting task, when you’re the only one getting much done. Or you’re the primary point of contact for every decision, every move, every fix, every quirk that your business faces. So because spring is a brand new season, lets embrace this time of year with some quick tips on how you can stay motivated and keep a balanced life.

Set a New Goal

Your SMB may be old news, but your goal can be a new one. Maybe you want to start a weekly blog, or network more, send out thank you cards to existing clients. It doesn’t have to be a monetary goal, just set one. This goal will allow you to set into an action plan to achieve it and help build momentum to keep going.

Find Inspiration

Reading about someone who walked the path of entrepreneurship before you, may offer some inspiration to a new victory. Reading, listening to inspirational videos, or music may also help open the waves of your mind to new creative ideas and feelings. Writing in a gratitude journal to remind you of everything that life has given you that’s positive. Even finding inspiration in some difficult roads that you’ve successfully maneuvered.

What Use to Bring You Happiness that You Stopped Doing

Nothing will stifle a creatively minded entrepreneur like the feeling of being in a rat race and no longer gaining happiness from what you’re doing. Look back and remember something you used to love doing that you’ve given up to devote those precious hours to your business…..and do that. Don’t sacrifice every part of who you were that inspired you to go into business for yourself, for the sake of the business. That’s like mom’s sacrificing every ounce of themselves for their children. Sure it’s “noble” to give selflessly, endlessly, but it’s not maintainable. Find a happy balance between things you love doing, and things you have to do.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Enjoying my son and his own personal accomplishments.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Inspirational people, Steve Jobs is definitely at the top of that list.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

Calligraphy is something I love to play around with. Sometimes I drop off from doing it out of lack of time. But I have to make time.

Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

The book my son humors me to read him at least twice of year…always makes me grateful for my life.