What qualifies as a “successful” brand?

A cohesive, recognizable image the represents a company and tells the consumer what they need to know is my definition of a successful brand. These three examples of successful Alaska branding will hopefully inspire you when you start to work on your branding package.

Alaska Airlines

One of the major brands to come out of Alaska, Alaska Airlines is a globally know company with a cohesive branding strategy. Alaska Airlines utilizes their social media sites and monitors their Instagram hastags to see what people are saying about them.They re-post (with credit!) cool and interesting stories or photos their customers post, making people feel good about their brand.

Hybrid Color Films

While each project has its own unique logo, the branding of the overall production company is consistent. Whether it is because of the cog of the circular logo or a consistent color palette, each of the projects is obviously part of a whole. Hybrid Colors “Winter Project” is a good example of branding across a family of projects. Keeping each entity’s branding unique while remaining cohesive is difficult, but not impossible. They have entered the Alaskan marketplace with a uniqueness to other film production companies that have been in Alaska for quite some time. They are offering a fresh, organic, and progressive view of Alaska that we’ve yet to see in this state.

Successful Alaska branding will help your business grow and gain the clientele you want.
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