Ranking high on websites commerce platforms, such as Amazon, can be incredibly challenging with the constant competition, especially when you don’t have much time to manage the marketing on your own. Have you considered selling your products and services using your own website? Have you considered hiring a professional Alaskan Website Design company to provide websites and marketing services?

If you want your products to rise high in rankings and get spikes in sales, our team of web design experts is just what you’re looking for. We’ll manage SEO marketing and we’ll create a marketing strategy that suits your products. Your marketing will be unique, simple, and most importantly – it will get you your return on investment as you attract your desired clientele.

How do we do that? How can you make the best of your products and services? Read on!

Our web design company in Alaska specializes in various SEO tactics. We’ve decided to share some of our top web marketing techniques with you:

Every web commerce and search engine platform has different algorithms that work in the background to score high only the best of the best websites. For example, the algorithms on Amazon are different from Google. However, all SEO is related to Relevancy. If you convince the web commerce or search engine platform that your content, services, or products are the most relevant, then you will rank higher and thereby increase your revenue.

In online digital marketing, the title of your products and services is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. Why? The title gets attention and attraction. Here’s a couple of tips on how to optimize your product titles:

Include Your Brand Name

When you post about your products to web commerce platforms or post meta descriptions about your products on WooCommerce, including your company’s brand name can help associate the product with your company.

Building a good reputation is crucial to attract prospective customers and to retain the trust and visits of current customers.


Writing a good description of your products and services can encourage your customers to add your product to their wish-list or to buy straight away. However, customers may forget about your products or services if it is just one among a long-list of wish-list items.

  1. Use bullet points, add some images of your product, include the size of the product, and all the important features that would help your customers understand the worth of your product. Remember that people want to buy products because they want to improve their lives or garner some experience. Convince your customers how your product will benefit them. Why should they buy the product or service from you and only you? How is your product or service better than those of your competitors?
  2. Anticipate questions that your customers might have about your product or services. Provide clarity in your descriptions. Customers might not bother to ask questions even if they have some, so clarifying and addressing their potential concerns and question in the description is crucial.
  3. Check for the errors in the content or text before you post away. There is nothing more unprofessional than typos in your description or graphics that are too small to see clearly.
  4. Use paragraphs and spaces. The structure of the text is as important as the content that you place. The long blocks of text could be a real turn-off for potential customers. Digital marketing is all about making your description and products eye-catching. The same way you would place special emphasis at your store to ensure that your product is nicely exhibited in the same way you must do so online. You want your customers to spend their time reading and checking out the descriptions about your products or services so make your professionals seem proper and professional. An unprofessional description can reflect negatively on your product, service, and brand, and turn away otherwise interested clients.

Use Keywords in Moderation

Keywords are useful. Nonetheless, you don’t want your title to read unnaturally and reflect poorly on your content, product, and service. Keywords can make the title look like spam and make your customers skip the product and your brand altogether.

Tailor Your Brand Name

Tailor your brand name so that it is influential and conveys your mission. Your brand name should catch attention and pop up in search results to peak interest. Bianca Frank Design will help you create your brand identity and design.

Picture your Product for Visualization

Another secret of our Alaskan digital marketing company is to integrate attractive appropriate pictures. Think about the picture of your product as the cover of a book. Although we are recommended to not judge a book by its cover, we frequently still do. Here are some tips on how to choose the most attention-catching pictures.

  •   Choose an eye-catching picture that clearly shows the features of your product in an artistically displayed way. Do not post pictures that are too small and difficult to see. This mishap will cause your customers to feel like you are hiding a product flaw.
  •   Use high-resolution images. High-quality pictures will make your product seem professional and thereby attract interest. Also, you can show different angles of the product for a more comprehensive product listing. This technique will help your customers feel as though you are comprehensive about the features of your product, and thus they can trust you.
  •   Check what your competition is doing. Check how your competitions’ pictures and descriptions look. A comparative market analysis will help you obtain market insight and choose the right images and descriptions to position yourself as a market leader. Don’t try to copy other sellers. Instead, try to think about how you can make your descriptions and images even better so they stand-out to your customers.

Create Categories

Whether you are selling your product on a web commerce platform or your own website, it is important to properly categorize and label your products, services,  and web marketing content. Don’t forget to tag all the relevant categories that your product or service might cover.

Reemphasize Reviews

Reviews add credibility to your brand, products, and services. Hence, it’s worth kindly asking your customers to write reviews about your products and services. However, don’t be too pushy or you will turn away your customers and have a bad reputation. Potential customers will become intrigued by your brand if they see how you have helped other customers they can relate to.

Your customer service is of the utmost importance. Don’t forget to encourage your customers to ask questions and to try to immediately solve every problem or concern they might have about your products or services. If your customer service is your priority and you make your target audience as the HERO of your business, then despite any potential problems or mistakes, you’ll still have a chance of getting an utmost review.

Price Your Product to Sell

It is important to identify a price for you to still obtain a return on investment while not pricing out of budget. It is also important to not price too low because then the worth of your product may decrease as perceived by your customers. Conduct market research to obtain a better understanding of the market value of products and services like yours and the most selling price points. Consider how you can use your costs as a competitive advantage. Also, if a web commerce or search engine platform feels that your products and services will not sell as well as your competitors’ products and services will, then you may rank lower.

You can increase the price when your product has more value than others (or if you have some clear reason/strategy to do so).

Bottom Line

Many factors account for becoming a successful online seller. The factors include pricing, description, images, keywords, reviews, and much more. Online marketing can be a highly complex and time-consuming process. Our Alaskan web marketing team is here to help you develop the best web site marketing strategy. We’ll do the analysis, and help you stand out in your niche.

Join many thriving customers and contact Bianca Frank Design right now to learn more about how we may best support you with arising to a new growth platform.