I’ve redesigned logos, a lot…..
Because that’s the go to thought when a business wants to liven up, invigorate, or make relevant, their brand. I don’t tell most that stopping at a logo redesign can’t help their business. I do stay in communication though and I never let a branding client go without making sure their WEBSITE is up to par.

Why I Can’t Fix Your Company with Good Logo Design

Oh how my ego wants to believe that my creative genius will catapult my clients business up into the levels of a fortune 500 company just off of the sweat and tears of my brilliant, masterful logo concepts. BUT, I have to burst my own bubble….it won’t. It can’t, and a logo was never meant to. Got it?

As marketers are crying redo, redesign, scratch that, off with their heads, and start “fresh” not ALL logos justify a complete overhaul (even if they are ugly…sorry it’s true). Some (even poorly designed, or outdated) logos have valuable brand equity built into them. Not to mention there really IS something to a business owner actually liking their logo.

– Now lets continue –

So I step in, cape and all, and I’m the balance in their business design and marketing thunderstorm. I tell them what most designers and what few marketers will say.

Our conversations generally go a little like this:

me “Yes, their is value in your old logo”.

them “What! You mean to say I don’t have to scratch everything I’ve used for the last 10 years, pay you thousands of dollars to just wipe all of my recognition off of the map?”

me  “Absolutely not!”

I’ll even go as far to say be VERY wary of those that step in bating you with design glory and empty promises of “brand recognition” if their first solution is to ditch everything you’ve built.

Why Tweaking My Logo Makes for Better Logo Design

9/10 logos that are in place need to be tweaked, not overhauled, not thrown out, TWEAKED. Now I will say, most business owners are coming to you because they know something is amiss. Something, isn’t working. It’s my job as the designer with a deep understanding of brand marketing, to help them weed through the chaos and come up with a plan.

– A Strategic Brand Plan –

Finally, a Website that Gets Me

Revamping your logo as a small business, is the ONE BEST APPROACH TO SOLIDIFYING YOUR BRAND RECOGNITION. It really doesn’t matter anymore if you even WANT to have a web presence, the market (in most regards) demands it. Developing a logo and brand identity, or revamping (tweaking) your old logo is an incredible place to start. In fact, do that before you design/redesign your website. You should have a solid brand visuals before you even attempt a website.

– insert big but here –

You really can’t stop there with a logo. Your logo can scream “I’m completely trustworthy and legitimate” and if your website hollers, my grandpa made it and it’s got a sick flash platform…..you’ve got to step it up. There really isn’t any way around it. Doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, just means working with someone that knows what they are doing and can help direct your path, will save a ton of time and frustration. that’s me <<<<

A Great Example

Working with a client such as AK Mow & Snow, I’ll say is one of the highest points of my business. He’s a great client, has a focused business, and he provides an incredible service. A business that I can personally stand behind. AK Mow & Snow has all of the bells and whistles of what I look for when I choose (yes I do) my clients. Our original project was a truck wrap, but my client was (open slightly)to a rework of his branding. After all, AK Mow& Snow has been in business since 2004. Stepping in and wiping away that entire 10 years of visual recognition when this logo was posted on t-shirt, hoodies, hats, company vehicles, business cards, etc…would have been a huge disservice to them. So we compromised, see the final rework of the AK Mow & Snow Logo:

good logo design
and redesign of the website more than 6 months later
ak mow and snow_before website

ak mow and snow rebranded website

In Conclusion

Working on a rebrand of a small business takes time, but building a solid brand is also a process. If you need help with your Logo, Brand or Web Design project? Need help with a branded content strategy or social media? Bianca Frank Design will provide design & content marketing strategy for your business. Bianca Frank Design specializes in small business branding, marketing, SEO and website design and will provide you a quote by contacting us below.

Beautifully branded design and content, that works the way it should!