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The Modern Face of Women Entrepreneurship

Bianca Frank DesignThe growth of the internet as a place of work, has been a huge opportunity for many—and a modern day Mom is more likely than not to be running a successful online business as well as juggling the myriad commitments and responsibilities that motherhood brings. As a Anchorage Alaska Website Designer, Bianca Frank is one such mother: as the CEO of Bianca Frank Design, a successful graphic design agency based in Anchorage, Alaska, Frank has presided over the growth of her business from a home office into a fully-fledge agency offering complete solutions for its clients. Like many modern-day Moms, part of Franks’ drive to succeed comes from her desire to show her children, that it is possible for him to succeed in anything they want too—and that anybody with a desire to start up their own small business can succeed and thrive in making their dreams a reality.

“Many successful women in business—especially entrepreneurs—will happily admit that their first attempt at business ultimately failed,” said Frank.

My initial foray into business ownership ended in 2006, when the pizzeria I owned unfortunately failed to thrive. Despite the disappointment of this failure, I chose to pursue my real passion, graphic design instead, and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Returning to school to obtain her BFA in Graphic Design, Frank opened up the doors to Bianca Frank Design, in 2005—and since then, the business has grown with an impressive portfolio of clients and projects.

The success of Bianca Frank and entrepreneurs like her has not gone unnoticed, with The Huffington Post noting that “creative women are more often than not to be found at the forefront of this new breed of entrepreneurs kick starting their successful, often global, businesses online.” Even the traditionally male-dominated business magazine, Entrepreneur, concedes that lately, women are smashing glass ceilings thanks to their creative talent mixed with the professionalism needed to get ahead. With the internet evolving into an even more sophisticated business medium, women like Bianca Frank and others are at the vanguard of this revolution—and showing the world and their children that anything is possible.

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