How can your website better promote your brand online?

It takes between five to seven impressions for customers to remember a brand.  Nearly 60% of shoppers stay loyal to brands and buy their new products. And they’re more likely to visit a website that they know and trust.

Yet having a website isn’t enough. It needs to tie with your business image to reach its full potential.

This article offers 8 website design ideas to help build brand awareness.

We look at choosing the right domain and matching your brand’s color palette to your website’s appearance. You’ll discover how fonts and typography help enforce your brand online. And how you can use your brand to attract more traffic through search engines and social media.

Read on to see how our website design ideas for your brand can better market your business to the world.

1. Use the Right Domain Name

According to the founder of Google, Eric Schmidt, branding sorts out the ‘cesspool’ of mediocre websites that exist on the web.

Google Search places great importance on the web address as a brand indicator. If the domain contains the search phrase, Google can rank that site higher.

Does your web address contain your brand?

If your business name is also your brand name then you have the best of both worlds. Website domains like contain the brand and company.

But what about companies whose web address only contains their name but not their brand?

One tip is to register the top-level domain (TLD) like a .com of your brand if it’s available. From there, either use is at your main address or point it to your existing site.

If you choose the latter, ask your web designer to use a 301 redirect. This prevents Google from indexing duplicate content which will impact your search ranking.

A competent developer that knows web design for business will give you advice on this.

2. Consistent Color Palette

A survey by Forbes saw brand recognition increase by 80% when the same color palette was used consistently.

That also applies to the online world where customers see your logo and identify with it.

If your site’s color scheme clashes then they become confused. Confusion leads to mistrust and they’ll leave if they don’t feel comfortable.

Make sure every element of your website adheres to your brand’s palette.

Look at Coca-Cola’s corporate site and you’ll immediately see the familiar red and white. You’ll also notice they use black as the text color and gray as the navigation background.

Subtle deviations in color, as long as they match your brand’s style, help highlight important elements. Use them wisely to achieve the best results.

3. Fonts and Typography

Sticking with Coca-Cola, notice that their logo’s font does not replicate to headings and sub-headings.

The reason is that the font is too distinctive. Overuse of a highly-stylized font detracts from the main brand.

However, the sans-serif font that sits on either side of the central logo is used throughout the site. All header tags include this typography style and the theme continues into the copy itself.

The lesson again is consistency.

Tie your brand’s typography to your website’s stylesheet where possible. Don’t use more than two styles on one page. Never use fonts that clash. If in doubt, ask a branding specialist.

Every link should offer a consistent experience that will reinforce your brand.

4. Cut the Clutter

As you read this article you might have noticed something.

Content is well-spaced. And paragraphs are not too-copy heavy.

White space is an essential part of the branding experience.

Unfortunately, many businesses think more is better. They try to cram as much copy onto the page as possible. The result is often a mess with their marketing message getting lost in the shuffle.

Less is more. Use white space to your advantage.

5. Compatible Copywriting

Copywriting or content creation is often left to the end of website design. Text gets pasted into a placeholder without considering if it’s relevant.

The copy itself comes from existing marketing materials designed for printed brochures. No thought’s given into revising it for the web or mobile device consumption.

Help promote your brand by giving it the copy it deserves.

Bianca Frank Design offers a unique copywriting service. We create tailor-made content for brand promotion that matches your specific needs.

We write for people but always keep search engines in mind. SEO lies at the core of everything we do but the copy is always engaging and informative.

Make sure your site offers the same experience.

6. Best Blog Articles

Website brands that write blog articles generate 67% more leads than those that don’t.

Blogs offer the perfect way to share your brand with the world.

You get to inform and teach your visitors about all your company’s benefits. The narrative can cover any number of topics and each will encourage the visitor to discover your brand.

Google also rewards websites that blog great content.

The search engine actively revisits sites that frequently blog more than those that don’t. They want their users to have a great experience so link to websites that offer rich content.

Seventy-two percent of online marketers say that content creation is their number one marketing tactic.

Learn how to design a website and create the best blog articles possible. Blogs will drive traffic to your site and promote your brand.

7. Engaging Videos

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true. How much more then are moving pictures or videos worth to your brand?

Video production doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either.

Creating a video using your product images with royalty-free background music is relatively easy. Host the results on YouTube and embed them on your site for double the exposure.

Make sure that any videos you release matches your brand. Otherwise, they may do more harm than good.

8. Integrate Social Media

Although and have their own websites that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate them into your own.

You can add a Facebook feed to your page with a few lines of code. Posting to your brand’s business page on Facebook automatically puts it on your website too.

Don’t forget to add social interaction to all your pages.

‘Share this’ buttons let your visitors engage with their friends directly from your site. Place them under blog articles and videos and beneath your product descriptions and reviews.

Great Website Design Ideas With the Brand Building Experts

In this article, we’ve shared some expert website design ideas to help promote your business brand. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Bianca Frank Design offers a holistic branding service that focuses on your brand’s bespoke needs.

Our logo and brand identity design team is backed by our web developers. We specialize in unique website design for small businesses. And everything is built and maintained with SEO in mind.

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