I talk to business owners, often….more than often.

They usually come to me to solve a perceived design problem. Which of course I love doing. However, I have learned through experience that they are coming to me with a bigger problem than just a design issue. They believe a brochure, a new shiny logo, or an updated website will help grow their business, and since it’s such a small investment, they take it.

I began to learn to read through the lines of what they are REALLY asking.

Hoping that a “new logo” would skyrocket their thingamajig into the marketplace with unprecedented sales is a common misconception. And it seems rather sacrilegious for a designer to say that it won’t, but it won’t. I used to think a logo would fix everything, but I soon realized…..running a business entails more than a shiny new logo or a nice website. Good business is organic, and thoughtful in its approach. It’s a whole view, a birds eye view, with worm eye view details. It’s the Macro and Micro.

So why will your new logo alone kill your business? For a few reasons listed below:

Your Logos perfection is over-promising an end result that your business isn’t prepared for

So you have a great logo, you’re on your way to being the next “Nike” phenomenon. But your logo doesn’t speak to the services you provide, or the marketing message that you’re sending. Your logo screams, “we are the best at selling thingamajigs”, but your sales cycle, your marketing message, and your website says otherwise. You under deliver. Your brand equity is established in how well you link visuals, promises, and execution of your business. You fail in one area, your logo won’t save you.

Your Logo screams “we know what we’re talking about, but your service says “we suck”

Your logo can have all of the bells and whistles it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but if your company doesn’t have the soul to back it up…your brand will suffer.

So how do you come to a place where your logo isn’t killing your business?

Be Authentic

We love mom and pop shops, where “everybody knows your name”. Don’t lose sight of what made this country great in the first place. We live in a beautifully huge and intimately connected location like Alaska, you have the benefit of still really knowing your customers. Customers are loyal to businesses that are loyal to them. So give them the information they are looking for, and provide them with some kick backs every now and then. Nobody expects a mom and pop shop to have similar prices as Walmart. Instead, treat your customer like they are part of your business. It’s easier for small businesses to foster personal relationships with their customers than it is for big retail. So USE that to your advantage and capitalize on the individual authenticity of your business.

“In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.”
― Howard Schultz,

branded content strategy

Speak visually, and otherwise, directly to your customer base

Don’t deliver something you can’t give. Make a plan and work it around your target demographic. It’s really not that hard and if you need legitimate feedback get it from the customers you either have or the customers you want. People love giving feedback, any scroll on facebook will show you that.

Don’t over stretch your capabilities, stick with the basics

We live in a consumer driven society that knows how to shop. You can’t provide everything to everybody and neither can your brand. Be really good at a few things. Don’t overextend your sales cycle trying to offer everything. Build loyal partner relationships with other businesses that supplement the needs of your customers. Your business brand can grow organically. By not overstretching your capabilities  you won’t tarnish your ever growing brand equity.

Have a content strategy to support your brand and your logo

You have to have substance to push your brand forward. A good logo, a well designed website, that’s the start. But in order to capture, retain and convert those customers you have to engage them in some way. That could be by providing them with information, facts, tips, insights into your industry. You not only grow your credibility you show YOUR customer that you care about the industry you work in.

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