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Professional web design and development, mobile-friendly. We combine your brand, content, design and cutting-edge technology to meet your business and audience needs.

Our Approach to Website Design & Development

Your website is more than just space on the internet for customers to find you. If done correctly, your website should be your brand speaking to customers on your behalf. Encouraging them to contact you, and showing you as the valued resource for what they need. Our focus is on developing your brand and understanding your visions so that we can integrate both good design and a technologically sound website.

When you begin with your brand, your website falls into place organically. When done right, it aligns your brand,marketing strategy and content into one, holistic entity.

Key to Website Design & Development

Bianca Frank Design offers a comprehensive brand and brand development service that can be utilized to begin or reinvigorate your small business marketing strategy.

Whether you are in need of small business content marketing, graphic design, branding design, web design development. Drop a note and we will be in touch soon.

Not sure where to start but you want to improve your website? Please contact us to receive a free proposal on your web design , search engine optimization, social media management, content marketing, and/or website hosting and maintenance.

Get recommendations from our experts to see what improvements should be made to your website. We’d love to help and get you headed in the right direction.

Web Design Alaska - Professional Web Designs and Development

If your website hasn’t been optimized, you might as well be invisible to your next customer. 86% of consumers checking out business online before making a single purchasing decision, it’s time to smarten up your website to ring in the changes—and ring up the register!

You might feel that you have no time to maintain your website—but consider this: it is your most visible marketable resource. A tweak here, a blog post there and a little redesign there will have your page views and sales steadily climbing up Google’s page ranks.

Make this year you optimize your website and watch your online presence and sales grow—and if you really don’t have time, why not contact the experts?

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is always key when it comes to Alaska website design. If your website is geared toward new customers for your small business, the design will need to be user-friendly and informative without being overwhelming.

Once your small business has a solid customer base, you will want to use your website to get the interest of new customers that may not have heard about your business yet. Website design can help ensure you are targeting the right audience for the phase your small business is in.

What Does Google Require in a Website?

What’s considered a “mobile-friendly” website?

Responsive Web Design takes the content you have created on your website and automatically determines the device you are viewing the website on. The sites design handles all of the heavy lifting. You can read more here about Why Mobile Sites are Vital for Business.

Search Engine Optimization
Simply put SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of utilizing keywords that define your product or service within your websites content. Written in blogs, or on your actual pages are the words that Google find to draw out for your consumer. There are steps to ensure that your website is SEO optimized to start as well you need an ongoing plan. SEO isn’t a scary process, but it’s an important aspect of Internet Marketing. SEO Management is an art all in itself and just creating a mobile-friendly site isn’t enough
Technologically Sound & Healthy Site
Your site can’t be built and just forgotten. It requires monthly maintenance for updates, security checks, and complete backups. If you have a “hack” or a vulnerable site it may alert Google to block your search result from your consumer. Ensuring you have regular maintenance and updates can alleviate this issue.

We are ready when you are! Your beautiful website is right around the corner.