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12 Critical Elements for Successful Alaska Website for Your Business

In this modern era, the image and persona of your business are almost as important as the products and services you offer. No matter how much we deny, a book is ultimately judged by its cover. Similarly, it is crucial to consider the influence of your website design on the expertise of your brand. Your business’s website is the face of your company. The modern visual appeal of your web design and user experience of your website will be the crucial difference between a potential customer and a buyer.

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Branding and Marketing

Branding and Marketing Campaign

As a new business trying to grow your brand, we understand that every dollar counts. Building branding and marketing into your operating budget is equally as important as business expenses like payroll and rent. Branding equals Sales. Let Bianca Frank Design help you create a branding and marketing campaign today that will attract more customers, leading to more sales, and thus a great return on investment.
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Thanksgiving Digital Marketing Strategies

Our digital marketing team is committed to ensuring that you enjoy a seamless process of marketing and selling various products and services. This Thanksgiving season, let’s be grateful for the full range of strategies and digital tools available to help us increase our lead generation. Together, with the expertise of the best web designer in Anchorage, you can drive more traffic to your website and social media to help increase your sales.

Thanksgiving offers a perfect chance for colleagues, family, and friends to celebrate and engage in various community development activities. Thanksgiving is also a time recognized for the Black Friday Sales. Have you considered adopting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies to intrigue potential customers? What a great time to feature your existing products and services; while increasing attraction towards your not yet launched products and services.

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digital marketing

The Undeniable Influence of Colors in Digital Marketing and How to Use Them

We see digital marketing every time we open our electronic devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc. It’s on our social media, Google and other search engines, homepages, and even our personal email accounts. There is no shortage of digital marketing, which makes it hard for your website or advertisements to stand out. Have you noticed that bright colors, such as yellow, blue, and green, are more attractive than dull colors? There is a color strategy behind digital and web marketing. Bianca Frank Anchorage Web Design accepts the undeniable influence of colors on the progress of your business. Our experts are well aware of color strategies and we implement these strategies frequently. In this article, you will read about how the use of color will make all the difference in the traffic you drive towards your websites and business.

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Anchorage Alaska Web Design

9 Key Elements for a Successful Anchorage Alaska Web Design

In the digital age, your Successful Anchorage Alaska web design is going to be one of the first things a customer sees when familiarizing themselves with your Alaskan company. The homepage of your company should have the following three components for a successful first impression.

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Anchorage Web Design tips

8 Short and Sweet Anchorage Web Design tips for Small Business

We promised you a short and sweet list of Anchorage Web Design tips, well here it is. You can google any of these terms and will find tons of relevant content on each of the topics. BUT if you need help or have questions just ask. Leave a comment, send a DM through our social […]

Alaska Business Resources

Best Alaska Business Resources List

We’ve complied what we believe to be the top and Best resources for business in Alaska. Alaska is made up of hardy entrepreneurs that strive to impact the landscape of Alaska business and community. We love these businesses and we think you will too!

Anchorage SBDC

Principle Service Areas:
Business Planning
Offers Free Services


The Alaska SBDC helps small businesses grow throughout Alaska via its expanding online resources and business management expertise.

Growing season is every day for Alaska SBDC clients, regardless of the region, the season or the weather. We know what it takes to succeed in business, every step of the way, and our clients are reaping the benefits of Alaska SBDC expert assistance. Grow with us.”



3211 Providence Dr., BOC3-199
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 786-7201

Alaska Startups

Offers Free Services

“Alaska Startups is a community for innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and general rabble-rousers. We keep you up-to-date with resources and tools in Alaska’s entrepreneurial and innovation community.

Alaska Startups is a community initiative managed by the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (CED) and curated by members of the community. CED is a program of the UAA Business Enterprise Institute.”


1901 Bragaw St.
Anchorage, AK 99508

Anchorage Score


Mentoring Works! Small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth.
REQUEST A MENTOR: Do you need help starting or growing your business? Enter your zip code, and complete the request form. Tell us about your business and how we can help. Your local SCORE chapter will pair you with the right mentor to answer your questions.”



410 L St Ste 301, Anchorage, AK 99501

assisted living marketing

Assisted Living Marketing

Some clients make more of an impact in my personal life than others. They touch and spark something in me and it becomes more than “just business”. I was approached with this project after coming back from Michigan from seeing my grandma in an assisted living facility….
My backstory… grandmother had dementia. Her assisted living community was horrid. I hated seeing her there and it broke my heart. I cried for days when I came home. The walls were like a prison, cement, cold, hard commercial floors, harsh lighting. And her room was shared, separated by a dirty curtain. When I say she had no dignity and no joy there I mean it. I was heartbroken leaving her there. I had NO idea that this is what assisted living meant. I didn’t know when I left her that it would be the last time I would see her and the employees at her facility would find her not a year later dead in her bed. In that horrible room. It was a harsh reality and a picture that never went away.
Step in Baxter Senior Living. My meeting with the owner went well. His enthusiasm for this project was positive and inspirational. The way JR described his vision, the facility, his concerns about assisted living…he had a vision that I wanted to be a part of and joyfully I was hired to take on their social media management, local SEO and content writing! I was thrilled.
My work with Baxter Senior Living began 09/01/17 more than 2 years ago. Before the construction of the community even began. When I say I was trusted to promote their brand and given full freedom to grow their presence in the local market…I’m not exaggerating. Read more about the work I’ve done with Baxter Senior Living.

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Best Website for Small Business

Best Website for Small Business

Need a website for small business in November? We are offering a limited # of small (4-page) wordpress website build for November. Utilize our lower project load to get the best website for small business. We love filling our books with smaller projects! Anchorage Web Design. Neglecting your small business website needs may hurt your business.
Reserve your project today. Fill out the form to start. >>
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Anchorage SEO Company

What Does an SEO Company do?

An SEO company provides various services to companies or businesses to help them increase their online visibility. There’s a lot to web site marketing, digital marketing, web design, and SEO marketing, and instead of trying all of these, hiring a professional SEO company frees up time for you to relax and enjoy the increased sales of your business.

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