Brand, Strategy & Logo Design

Our holistic approach guides everything we do. Brand, research, strategy & design uncovers your vision, and creates design that communicates.

Our Approach to Brand, Strategy & Logo Design

Our overall focus is to partner with business owners, marketing directors and professional businesses to create modern brand identities and apply these elements to various final deliverables. Our methods are utilized through implementation of strategies in brand design,web design, social marketing, print design, graphic design and content.

We provide a unique understanding of brand strategy informed by intuitive creative thinking. Our perspective allows us to craft ideas that stick with your audience and make a lasting impact with your message.

Our goal is to create designs that influence your audience and further your brand mission. We use our understanding of strategic messaging and communication to do it. Couple that with a strong design sense, and the result is more than a good-looking finished piece. It’s an effective one.

Our experience in project management ensures that we will sweat the details and produce a finalized product that exceeds expectations and instills delight in your audience.

Build Your Brand
5%-15% of your budget should apply directly to branding and marketing efforts. You will see a valuable return on growing your brand recognition and equity in the marketplace.
Work with a Brand Designer
A professionally trained brand designer should help you identify the visual entity of your business and create the deliverables attached to that.
Brand & Marketing Is Part of Your Operating Budget
You have costs as any small business or entrepreneur does. Whether it’s the cost of your payroll, electric, rent, or products your business has expenses. Your brand and marketing budget should not be an afterthought and if it is…you are in trouble. Being disciplined enough to create this budget will benefit your business overall in the long run.

Questions to Develop Your Brand

Some questions if you need help. Answer all or none, just a few questions to dig deeper into why you are in business. Knowing these things help us to get a feel and better understanding of your business in general.

Why am I in business for myself? Money? Time with Family? Passion for the Industry?
What is the purpose of this business? Am I helping someone? Am I providing a Needed Service?
What are my products or services? Why did I choose those products or services to sell?
Why should anyone care that you are in business? (sounds harsh) but this is by far the most valuable question I ask my clients. If you don’t know why someone should care why you’re in business, then you shouldn’t be in business. You won’t be able to sell yourself to anyone if you can’t sell yourself to YOU.

We are ready when you are! Your beautiful brand is right around the corner.

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Below are questions about you, your business, and your target audience. This will help us create branding that will speak to your audience and accurately reflect your business.

Use adjectives to describe your desired business image - highly corporate, friendly, professional, elite, exclusive, big, small, expensive.

Below are questions about your competitors

List websites if known
What makes you unique? What are your points of differences?

Below are questions about your current logo (if you have one) and your preferences for the new one.

image, icon, text only
I'm all ears!