Social Media Management

We formulate your social media presence with your brand as the foundation. Creating your road map to leverage growth. Stay consistently in front of the audience you want.

Our Approach to Social Media Management (SMM)

You have a brand developed, now it’s time to grow brand awareness. There’s no faster way to reach your customers than through social media networks. Brand is considered a top priority by many marketers. Using social media channels is a direct solution for getting the word out about your business. We can help you grow your visual brand awareness and develop your brand voice using social media to reach a broader audience.

We also provide graphic and content support. You have the option of partnering with us by contributing your own content or allowing us to take this monthly task off of your plate. Whatever the support you need we can customize our approach for what works best for you.

Take Social Media Management off of Your Schedule so You Can Concentrate on Running Your Business
Tell us about your business and where you’re at in the process. We will learn your business, develop your social media voice, and create the content for you. You are as involved as YOUR SCHEDULE ALLOWS YOU TO BE.
Do They Know Branding?
The entire purpose of utilizing social media is to grow your business brand. Ensure that you are working with someone that understands your brand positioning.
Do They Utilize Impactful Design?
Social media is content AND visuals. You can’t have one without the other.
Do They Provide Branded ORIGINAL Content?
Make sure you implement thoughtful and original content. Bianca Frank Design understands this and can create a seamless plan.

We are ready when you are! Your social media help is right around the corner.

Social Media Content Marketing , Developed and Accomplished for You. It can be difficult to set up and keep up your business’ online social media presence. It can take precious time to discover the hours or the expertise to get it going. That is the place we come in. Bianca Frank Design offers online social media management for busy small business owners.

We help people like you keep up a strong social presence, so that when your clients and potential clients go searching for you, you’re there. What’s more, you’re not simply there, you’re brand shows as credible, reliable and transparent in the marketplace.

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