Alaska Website and Social Media Content is a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation. Having the right content on your website can increase the number of leads you generate. The problem that many website owners run into is that they do not know what type of content they should have to generate leads. There are a number of ideas that you can consider when it comes to content for your website.

Alaska Website Content and Social Media Marketing

Create a Webinar

Research has shown that webinars are a great method of generating leads. If you do not feel confident in giving a webinar, then you could team up with some leaders in your industry. The best way to get the most out of the webinar is to keep it short and to offer it for free. Of course, you do not want to be giving great advice to people for free so ensure that you are giving snippets of information that will make your viewers hungry for more.

During your webinar, you need to offer people enough information to fill an hour. However, you also need to give a compelling case for why people should be buying your product or service after the webinar. You should also encourage the viewers to connect with you via social media and through an email list.

Use a Case Study

Case studies are considered great content for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that they generally turn readers into leads, and this is something that you want. You should consider doing a case study on one of your customers and show how they were helped with the product or service that you offer.

Your potential customers are looking for actionable content that will help them in some way. This is why your case study should touch on a sought after topic in your industry and give some information about what process was used. The case study needs to offer a fair amount of information, but should not give all of your secrets away.

Produce an Information Whitepaper

A lot of people do not realize the popularity of whitepapers. However, there are a lot of potential customers who are looking for solid information that has been backed by quality research and good data. There is one issue that you could run into with a whitepaper and that is making it actionable. There is no point in offering information that people already know and not turning them into a lead.

If you offer a service, then you should consider a whitepaper that details all of the options for the service that you provide. You can then state why your service is the best, and this makes the whitepaper actionable.

Run Contests

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and this is a great way for you to capture leads. This is a very good strategy if you are looking for email leads because you could get people to sign up to your email list to be entered into the competition. You can also use social media to help with this form of lead generation.

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