Social media is an important part of any business’s marketing campaign.You likely maintain your own social media for your small business.Here are 5 tips to help make you successful with your small business social media!

Frequency of Social Media Management and Design

How often is often enough to post? How often is too often? Every business is different. You want to ensure you are posting enough to keep your business current and in your customer’s newsfeed but not so often that you get “unliked” for being downright annoying. If your friends have liked you, ask them if your posting frequency is on par or needs to be adjusted.

Keep Social Media Content Relevant

If your small business is a plumbing business, posting about dentistry probably doesn’t make much sense.You can post relevant information about local events, partnered businesses, or your own expertise, but keep posts about things that aren’t relevant to your business on your personal page.

Post Photos with Social Media Design

Photos catch people’s eye and are more likely to be looked at and “liked” than just a status update. If you’re posting your daily menu at your cupcake shop, include a photo of the cupcake.Just finished a new project and want to tell the world? Show them instead! Instagram links up to most other social media sites and is a great way to share photos.

Share Articles on Social Media

Articles that are related to your business or your specialty will likely be of interest to customers who have liked you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. Sharing relevant information will keep your audience interested and coming back for more.

Key Players in Social Media Management and Design

If you have employees that are on social media sites, encourage them to “like” the business and give feedback. Younger generations also help spread the word for places like clothing stores, restaurants, and retail stores whereas parents might help spread the word for services your provide.Everyone has a friend that needs your business; ask people you know to share, share, share!

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