Social media sites are one of the best ways to get new clients as well as keep current ones informed. It’s one thing to just provide information to your customers; it’s another to get their feedback as well. Engaging your customers is crucial and social media can help you do it!

Likes and Shares with Social Media Design Management

Some of the fastest growing social media campaigns started with a single “like”. How do you get your customers to click that little thumbs up and, in doing so, spread your message to their friends on social media? Content in your social media design needs to be relevant to your audience as well as informative about your current message. The more likely your customers are to like and share your photos and posts, the more likely their friends are to see them. Word of mouth happens much more often online than it does in person nowadays, but happy customers are still the best advertising there is!

Followers with Social Media

Engaging your followers can only happen if you’ve got followers to engage. Some of the ways to get new followers is to include an incentive.If you sell products, offer a discount if they’ve “liked” you on Facebook.Advertise coupons or new products on Instagram that new customers can use if they start to follow you.

Check-Ins with Social Media Design and Management

Use signage to encourage customers to check-in when they eat at your restaurant or shop at your store.The more check-in’s you have, the more visible your business will be. The increased engagement through social media will not only increase your visibility, meaning free advertising, but it will encourage repeat business among newer and existing clients. Your social media design is important.

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