In this modern era, the image and persona of your business are almost as important as the products and services you offer. No matter how much we deny, a book is ultimately judged by its cover. Similarly, it is crucial to consider the influence of your website design on the expertise of your brand. Your business’s website is the face of your company. The modern visual appeal of your web design and user experience of your website will be the crucial difference between a potential customer and a buyer.

In this article, we have compiled a list of tried and tested 12 essential elements based on our Anchorage Web Design services. Following these simple guidelines can progress your business ahead of your competitors.

1     Clarity of Purpose

Visitors on your website should not have to search for your mission statement to learn about how why you are passionate about what you do and why they should choose you.

How you are adding value to your customers should be the focus of your web design and should take center stage on your website. This information can easily be conveyed with a couple of statements and graphics displaying your services and products. The pitch and message should be engaging to encourage users to request more information by clicking on the ‘Call To Action’ buttons like ‘Contact Us,’ ‘Get in Touch,’ ‘Get a Free Quote,’ etc.

2-    Get To The Point

An overview of what you do is a good start. Now get straight to the point of the services and products you offer. Provide more details about the specific services you provide while considering your competitive advantage. You could also include links to your catalog, portfolio, or your service packages. Any element which helps your visitors easily and quickly identify that you are the right fit for them should be the focus of your page. The faster your clients decide that you are the leading subject matter expert in your niche, the more likely they will be to reach out to you for a quote; or to click on that checkout button to purchase your products.

3    FAQs and Helpful Tips

If you are finding that you are spending resources and time towards answering the same questions and providing the beneficial tips, then it may be helpful to create a webpage with answers to frequently asked questions and tutorials with useful tips. This technique can help save you and your customers’ time. This technique also adds an element of reliability to help you establish a trusted rapport with your potential clients. You will convey that you are not only there to sell your products and services but to also help your clients take the most advantage of efficiently optimizing your products and services.

4    Sales and Engagement Optimizations

Your website and especially your homepage, will convey the first impression of your brand. Your website should be captivating and engaging from the users’ perspective. You should create a platform that motivates your clients to come on the website as a visitor but leave as a client. There are some essential but tried and tested tips that you can adapt according to your business on your web page. These tips will directly boost your company’s sales and client engagement experiences.

5     Find and Express ‘WHY’ of Your Website

Finding out and conveying the purpose of creating your website is a very crucial element for your successful business. Your focus should always be centered around the end goal of your website. Will your website be an e-commerce platform that will be more focused around selling your products? Or would you prefer to focus more on collecting client data to help further enhance your products and services as would be most in-demand? Or, would you prefer to focus on your clients subscribing to the services that your website is offering? Your intentions should be loud and clear and should reflect in your website design, as well. Otherwise, your content might go adrift and confuse your potential clients and not help you achieve your website goals.

6    Consider Your Audience

Always consider your audience before embarking on a web design journey. Consider the indicators like age, gender, demographics, and interests of your target audience. Try to create a persona of your ideal clients and select the content most suited and appealing. If you attract a particular type of client, then you could cater to your content more towards their unique lifestyles. If your brand supports a wide array of audience members, then you should ensure that your content may be more general to suit their preferences accordingly. You may also consider creating webpages that are more relevant to each type of audience.

7     Copywrite Catching Content

Your blog posts and copywriting should cater to the questions that your audience may have and their passions. Ensure that your content appeals to your audience and not someone beyond your audience’s demographics for which your products and services may not be the most suitable. You could design a theme, select colors, format fonts, and graphic design and feature media to help make your content more appealing to your users and clients.

8     User Experience Can Never be Overvalued

The importance of user experience cannot be overstated. You have to walk in your customer’s shoes and view your website from their eyes and their perspective.

  •       Is your website easy to navigate?
  •       Can you recognize what the brand is offering at a quick glance?
  •       Is the layout easy on the eyes, or lacks white space and continuity?
  •       Is the content engaging and professional to view?

Analyzing the websites of your competitors and industry leaders can also help you receive valuable insights into the user experience.

What did you like about their website, what can be improved? Use those ideas as your inspiration to help you incorporate and create a competitive advantage. Staying true to the values of your brand and what makes your brand unique is the essence that will attract your ideal audience towards your website.

9     Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google places considerable value on the mobile-friendliness of your website when ranking your website relevant to keywords. Recently, with the surge of smartphone users, the trend of consumers is shifting towards mobile responsive websites. The modern users are more likely to visit your website from their phones or tablets than their computers. So while designing your website, always keep in mind the look and feel your website will offer to mobile users with different screen sizes and devices so that you may optimize your content accordingly.

10 Live Chat Support

Offering live chat boxes on your website can do wonders for your website. Not only will such a technique help you boost sales, but it will also help you with data mining. Having the live chat feature on your website will promote the trust factor and convey assurance to your clients that they can contact you at any instant.

11 Optimize With Social Media

This digital marketing technique could be secret to the edge to help you get ahead of your rivals as most businesses still underestimate the power of social media marketing. Your website design must be social media optimized and integrated with Facebook Advertisements, Software Development Kits, and Pixels. As a result, you will enjoy better analytics for your digital marketing campaigns and return on investments. Links to your business’s social media pages should be easily positioned on your homepage and throughout your website. You can then create social media posts whenever there is a new blog, service, product, or announcement on your website.

12 Fine Tune Your Website

Just like a car needs tuning after regular intervals, your website is not much different in this regard. Your website might slow down due to heavy load and slow servers, or if you do not have the latest WordPress plug-ins. There are also malicious scripts which spread quickly over the internet. Such scenarios will not only affect your website’s performance but would also compromise your visitor’s security. Consider the opportunity to hire a professional agency to examine your site once a month to help fix the bugs and ensure your website integrates the latest web design trends.

Whether your website is new or just needs updating, consider the ideas mentioned in this article to help ensure that you are on track. Would you like some help getting your Website Design homepage up and running? Feel free to get in touch with the best web designer in Anchorage and boost your website marketing like never before.