“Vistaprint Digital Report Reveals Poor Design, Outdated Information and Lack of Necessary Detail are Top Website Turnoffs for Consumers.” Which of these does your small business website fall prey to?

Poor Design

By designing the site yourself, you risk wasted time and energy on a poorly designed site. Even if you have a low budget, it’s imperative that your investment is utilized wisely. Having a site redesigned improves the quality of your leads, the communication with your clients, and their trust in your business.

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Not Mobile Optimized

In October 2016 mobile usage surpassed desktop usage on the web. It’s hard to say an exact number but estimates of anywhere between 40%-60% of current small business websites are not mobile-friendly. Without the technology to engage your consumer, small businesses are missing out on opportunities to create easy interactions for their visitors.  Small Business Websites

Poor SEO and Next to Nothing Organic Search Results

26% of small businesses can’t be found online by a simple google search. Have you tried to google your business name? Or a specific keyword? You will notice, especially in s small city as Anchorage, that the same people are rising to the top. It’s not difficult to keep up with SEO and a lot less convoluted than it was before. Having keyword data, meta descriptions, and page titles, Google will find you much easier and your small business website can work for you!

No Social Media Links

Cross posting on social media and leveraging the growth of social media with your small business website is vital for brand exposure. If you have social media links, make sure they are linked to your website. If you don’t have social media accounts, GET THEM! Every 5th site visited DAILY is a social media site. The ones I recommend to start and at minimum are Facebook, Google +, and Twitter (You Tube) if you have videos. Allow your customers and/or social media followers (ie….brand advocates) to share and engage with your brand.

Time Consuming Updates and Website Maintenace

If you aren’t a “web person” outsource the updating, backing up, maintenance and security of your website. There are a number of inexpensive companies that offer this service. Updates, if not tested, can wreak havoc on a website and crash and break links. These are things a professional agency can provide to you without hassle. It’s worth $125 a month to not have to worry about keeping your website maintained. Believe it or not even small business websites are hacked and prevention is the name of the game.  When personally maintaining your site you risk wasting time that could be otherwise used to manage your business.

No Call to Action

Make sure prospects know where and what to do, easily, when landing on your website. Without a main call to action a customer may not know what they should be doing on your site or what your company has to offer. Don’t shortchange the website visit, by not clearly stating what you want your visitor to do.

Not sure where to start? Bianca Frank Design can help to create a small business website that works for you! Content and all. Contact us for a FREE Consultation.