To rebrand or not to rebrand is a question that is being given considerable thought by Alaskan businesses. Actually, this is a universal question posed to all companies around the world during their business lifecycle. Before delving into the WHY of rebranding, we most understand the concept of “brand” and be able to distinguish between the brand and logo of a company.

How Do You Define “Brand”?

The father of advertising, David Ogilvy, defined brand as “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes”.  A brand is more than just a logo or packaging of the company’s products. Branding consideration also involves the client’s perception of products and services, customer experiences, and emotional connections with an organization. Marty Neumeier defines a brand as a person’s gut feeling about product, service, or organization.

After we grasp the meaning and concept of a brand, we would be able to rebrand our existing businesses better.

Rebranding happens when a business decides to change some significant elements of their existing brand. It could be a full scale revamp with a change in the business’s name or logo, or it could be a slight change in the message and vision of the company to highlight and refresh the brand’s image. If you are a business owner in Anchorage, then rebranding and redesigning your corporate identity might be what you need to retain your clients as well as to attract new ones.

Did you know that Alaska had the 2nd highest percentage of available employees and 2nd highest rate of entrepreneurs, according to a survey conducted by Business Insider? We believe that rebranding your business will not only breathe a new life in your organization but will also help you keep pace with new startups.


The Importance of Rebranding

A business often needs to rebrand itself to stay modern and current. Sometimes it’s Proactive rebranding, and sometimes it is Reactive rebranding.

Proactive rebranding is a calculated or planned strategic effort that occurs when a business decides to seize an opportunity for the future or to ward off new and existing competitors.

When a company is expecting growth or expansion internationally or regionally, the leaders might consider rebranding to convey a sense of brand unity. Rebranding is also a necessity when a company is moving into a new line of business or simply wants to appeal to a younger generation. This business marketing technique also helps companies stay relevant in their client’s minds.

Did you know that as soon as Apple started exploring new business avenues and moved into the launch of Smart Phones and entertainment, Apple rebranded its logo to a new mechanical logo? Thus, Apple proactively rebranded the logo to signal the intent to be a visionary of upcoming technology trends.

Reactive rebranding is a response due to a string of events. In order to outsurvive competitors or navigate the muddy water of an administrative crisis, there may no other option left rather than a full-scale rebrand. Reactive rebranding could also be affected by mergers or acquisitions, legal issues, or in response to negative publicity.

Do I Need to Rebrand My Business?

You need to rebrand your business as soon as you notice any of these signs:

Your Alaskan Branding Done Right

Hybrid Color Films is an award-winning creative agency that brings stories to life. Ironically, their previous logo failed to convey their own stories. Their original logo design was not translating well to all the various forms of media which they covered. In fact, the logo was impeding them from utilizing their full potential and genuinely captivating their audience.

It is vital for aA company of that stature must have a brand image that translates their the team’s vision while remaining visually consistent with modern trends. This

Their new logo conveys their larger than life philosophy and the creative spirit of Alaskans. As their color scheme which was rebranded, their rebranding emphasizes the importance of color and the desired visual appeal of the brand.

How To Rebrand?

Once you have identified that your business needs a rebrand and that you are willing to take the steps to make your brand stand out from the budding competition, consider adopting the following measures for the successful rebranding of your Alaskan business.

  • Identify Your Goals: 

First, you need to identify your branding and marketing goals. Are you planning to rebuild your brand image, or do you prefer to change and chop a few aspects to refresh your brand persona?  Finding your whyAt this stage, the best course of action would be to discuss your motives and plans with a professional brand strategist who can best guide you.

  • Partner With Professionals: 

You are recommended to partner with a team with strong subject matter expertise, a wide array of case studies, and decades of experience. Consider a professional team like Bianca Frank Design with a vision, creativity, and the resources to efficiently deliver your project according to your vision. The team’s previous portfolio can be a reliable indicator of their professional progress. Simply It is best to work with the best design and brand agency that truly understand your business model, mission, and vision.

  • Strategize Proactively About Your Press Release Announcement:

Always keep your customers and stakeholder informed and be proactive about your new branding rollout. In this step, your marketing partner agency plays a crucial role in devising a rollout plan to help you consider your end goals, the refreshing of your brand image, and the acquisition of a new customer base.

At Bianca Frank Design, we care about your brand identity, web designs, and social media/digital marketing needs. Do you need to determine if a rebrand is best for you? Feel free to discuss your branding and rebranding questions and strategy with our team by contacting us today.