At some point or another you may find that your logo no longer works as well as it originally did. Your original logo hasn’t “grown” with your business. Whether it has technical issues and/or it’s just looks outdated.

What’s “Rebrand” Mean?

A rebrand is a reworking of what you currently have been using for your logo and brand assets. It evaluates what you have that is necessary to retain (for recognition), and what is hindering the overall brand message. It’s not as simple as just designing a new logo. You certainly want to work with a design professional that understands and is able to determine what has to stay. You do not want to lose all of your brand recognition that has been built with the current logo.

What’s the best time for a Rebrand? – Brand Logo Design

The best time for a rebrand of your logo is after you’ve consulted with a professional. Whether the logo is great, bad, or average there is probably some attributes of the current design that in a desire to “just get a new logo” retains some brand recognition. Brand Recognition is the pot of gold at the end of the brand equity rainbow. A professional brand designer can help to determine what parts of your brand must stay, and what elements you can lose.

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