Do you feel like there are so many blossoming entrepreneurs in the world today? As a professional in our field of design and social media management, we come across many profiles and content that display their business mission very well, and their fervor and excitement for what they do is very evident from some of their online content and via e-mails to me. It is clear — they are in it to win it!

Yes, they may be a small business, just starting out, but their vision is big (grandiose; i.e. envisioning six figure gross profit years). We all want to be sitting on tropical beaches for a few weeks out of the year while our businesses make money in our sleep, right?

Though there is often so much love behind an entrepreneur’s mission (as aforementioned) sometimes branding is either lacking or needing a bit of love.

Big Name Brands have many things in common. A highlighted commonality trio is they have flashy / / memorable / / colors & an emotive message & content that is simple, but really pulls you in.

Think of brands like Guess. We know them, we love them, it’s sexy, and when you wear it, it makes you embody their message. We all feel sexy in it, right?

Well, Guess started as a vision, as a small company. And what did they do correctly? They created a Big Brand Image and mission and rolled with them!

So, even though you are a small enterprise, Brands like Guess and us designers are cheering you on to think B . I . G.

We’d love to come alongside you throughout your journey.

Reach us by e-mail so we can chat about making your big vision come to life through your branding and social media content at an affordable rate.

Bianca Frank Design is a brand design agency located in Anchorage, Alaska. Providing holistic brand, marketing and design for small to medium sized businesses. We love what we do. Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do for your business!

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