…….Three Reasons Why they Copy Your Brand Message and Why that’s not a Bad Thing.

What do they say about the best form of flattery? imitation? It’s also good indication of your branding and brand message efforts because;

  1. Your competition is taking notice and trying to duplicate YOUR companies message.
  2. Your messaging is consistent and frequent enough that people are actually regurgitating YOUR message to THEIR marketplace.
  3. They are working with someone that doesn’t understand you need to take a holistic approach to brand messaging.

This is why it’s so vitally important to work with a BRAND DESIGNER when working on developing your face in any market place. They will help you to organically and holistically approach your company messaging so that you are bringing the entire picture to the table. If they have a cookie cutter approach to marketing suggestions, well that’s a good idea that they are more of a salesman than a designer. If they have “sure fire” marketing ideas before they’ve even taken any time to learn about your business, who you are as a business owner, and who your client and competitors are……run!

and now…….Two Reasons Why That’s AWESOME NEWS!

  1. You are already ahead of the game because by the time your messaging gains traction you’re already moving on to new brand extensions and messaging to keep YOUR customers engaged.
  2. When they move you move, just like that. Since you already know the message they are sending (because it’s yours), you already know how to head off the competition with new language.

The bottom line is this, they may be able to copy, or imitate your language but that is nothing compared to the impact of having a brand message that is focused around the heart and vision of your business. That is information that they can’t know, without you spilling the beans. So another cautious tail of doing business…..make sure you keep some things to yourself.

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