why branding matters

Why Branding Matters for Small Business

Have you ever asked yourself why branding matters? Don’t we already buy what we want or hire the services we need? Isn’t a brand just another advertising message? And don’t we have enough of those already?

It’s also the case that brand image importance is a significant factor in our consumer choices. How many of us refer to acetylsalicylic acid when trying to get rid of a headache? Don’t we just use the word “Aspirin,” the trade name initially registered by the Bayer Corporation in 1899?

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Branding Mistakes

7 Common Branding Mistakes

What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of business branding? Many business owners and business customers think of companies that have done a great job branding their products like Coca Cola, Nike, or Starbucks. The trademark logos related to these companies are known the world over, and their branding has continued to stimulate business growth for decades. But as a small business, merely considering the financial output required to establish such a level of branding can be overwhelming at the very least. Believe it or not, it is easier to develop a solid brand image than may be imagined. Taking care to adhere to a few simple guidelines can mean the difference between a successful brand launch (or revamp) and a lot of time and effort spent for lackluster results. Below are some common pitfalls and branding mistakes small businesses need to avoid, so they do not waste money on failed branding. Read more

building a business brand

Marketing Strategies for Building a Business Brand

Building a brand for your business is essential, whether you are running a local shop or you are working towards expanding into a global brand. Understanding a few marketing strategies can help you to get your brand off of the ground even if you are planning to do so on your own and without professional help.

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Why Your Alaskan Business Needs A Rebrand?

To rebrand or not to rebrand is a question that is being given considerable thought by Alaskan businesses. Actually, this is a universal question posed to all companies around the world during their business lifecycle. Before delving into the WHY of rebranding, we most understand the concept of “brand” and be able to distinguish between the brand and logo of a company.

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small business branding

Why Your Small Business Needs a Big Brand Image

Do you feel like there are so many blossoming entrepreneurs in the world today? As a professional in our field of design and social media management, we come across many profiles and content that display their business mission very well, and their fervor and excitement for what they do is very evident from some of their online content and via e-mails to me. It is clear — they are in it to win it!

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brand and marketing

5 Ways To Build Your Brand and Marketing In 2019

Brand and marketing for 2016 is the talk of the town. Read up on 5 ways you can start building your small business brand today.
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3 Strategies for your New Alaska Logo Design

When creating a new logo design for your Alaska business, there are some strategies you should consider to ensure your logo is effective and recognizable.There are many things to consider but below are 3 strategies to start with for your new Alaska logo design.

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Alaska Brand Design

How to Develop Your Alaska Brand Design

Whether you are just starting out with a new Alaska brand or you have an existing Alaska business brand, developing your brand is key to successful marketing. There are a few key steps in developing your Alaska business brand that will help utilize your brand to its full potential.

Design and Marketing For a New Business

5 Quick Steps to Start Design and Marketing For a New Business

Starting a marketing campaign for small business can be a daunting task.
Where you do you start as a small business owner to market your products and services? These 5 quick steps can help point you in the right direction.

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3 Steps to Vision Statement Development for Your Business

When developing your business’s marketing and message, a vision statement is something to consider including in your overall marketing plan.While you may have a distinct mission statement for your business, you may think about a vision statement to portray your company’s future goals.

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