Your logo is often the first thing a viewer will see when coming in contact with your company, ministry or organization. A good logo design says something about your company, is functional, and can be a standalone piece of art. Below are 4 key elements to help with your Alaska logo design.

Clear Logo Design and Direction

What are you selling, teaching, or ministering? The feel and graphic of your logo design should portray your message and concept and remain informative. For example, a young minister, based in L.A., such as Justin Cox needed a logo for his youth focused ministry. He needed something that wasn’t a typical christian icon. The logo that was created, captured his onscreen persona, without having unnecessary elements clouding his message. This provided the minister a logo that supported all of the elements of a good logo design. In contrast, a cartoon baby elephant with your company name integrated into the image might be a great start for a baby clothing store but send out the wrong message for a divorce attorney. Make sure you are clearly sending the right message.

Is Your Logo Print Friendly?

Print media is still a big deal, even with online and social media as front runners. Coupons, fliers, and business cards should all bear your company logo. Ensuring your logo is printable is important. If your logo is only available in white, it’s going to be difficult and more expensive to print your logo on your own. Any kind of offer or flier your clients are encouraged to print themselves shouldn’t use up their entire ink supply. Keep it simple and environmentally friendly.

Is Your Logo Adaptable

The market you work in will adapt and change and your logo should be adaptable with it. Keeping the spirit of your original logo is important for existing customers to recognize a company they know, but making small, simple changes can help adapt your logo for the current market. Color, shape, line, and feel should all be fluid. Softening or hardening edges, tweaking color palette, or changing overall shape can update your logo while keeping the original spirit.

Descriptive (Enough) Design

You don’t have to give away your whole mystique with your logo but an idea of what you do is helpful when considering what concept you want to put forward. Becoming iconic through your logo takes time so if your logo is adaptable enough, you can end up with just a graphic logo to tell the world what you do. Contact us today to see how we can help you develop a good logo design for your Alaska business! NEED A BRAND, LOGO or BUSINESS CARDS?