Content marketing is getting more and more targeted and important to your company’s marketing plan.Keeping on top of market trends will keep your business ahead of the pack and keep your business on top. Not all trends will apply to your business or fit into your market plan and that’s ok! See which of the below you can use.

Content Business Marketing Micro-Targeting

Just targeting a large audience group might not cut it anymore.Micro-niches within your target customer group might need to be addressed in different ways. Your primary focus may be on mothers but to really grab attention, you may need to focus your marketing to mothers of adopted children or middle class mothers with multiple children under the age of 5 years old.

Mobile Matters | Content Business Marketing

It is critical to remember just how often content is used on the go.People are much more likely to use their mobile phones to look up your business when they hear about it than they are to wait until they’re back at a computer. Content must be easily accessible and easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Back to Basics |Content Business Marketing

Many of the newer trends don’t focus solely on online content marketing.The basics of marketing apply globally to any kind of content- know your audience, ensure your message is clear and consistent, and adapt to changing audience needs. Revamping your marketing plan to simplify would fall in line with current trends.

Human Focus | Content Business Marketing

Instead of a business speaking to them, customers are starting to want to see a human interaction from their favorite companies.Be it a manager or CEO, many people want to see a face they can recognize in communications from the company.

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