Even the smallest of businesses can gain a massive boost in credibility with consistent branding.

Let’s do a test: I want you to close your eyes and think of the color red. Which company do you associate it with—and what time of year springs to mind?

Drumroll Please

Chances are, you considered Coca-Cola’s famous logo and branding, and Christmas, with Santa Claus’ red outfit. This is the power of branding: the ability to take something as universal as a color and make it intimately associated with your business.

In other words, effective branding is absolutely essential for any business that wants to grow and succeed, no matter how big or small. Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking they’re not big enough to brand—but the benefits it brings make it a no-brainer.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication -Davinci

A simple logo can be used across your entire company, from websites and social media to the letterheads on official documents and of course, advertising. A carefully thought-out brand brings out an emotional response in people, making them more likely to remember your business and consider your services.

The benefits of great branding aren’t just external, either: employees can be inspired by core business values and rally around the brand, working as a team for success.

Such is the power of expert branding for success that it can turn Santa’s green suit from its original green into Coca Cola’s festive red—all simply because the company needed to grow sales in the depressed, post-war Europe of the 1950s—and the traditional story of St. Nicholas, who gave presents to children on one special day each year was chosen as the perfect advertising idea.

Consistent Branding

Almost seven decades later, Santa Claus’ red suit and branding association with Coca Cola was still exists—and Coca Cola’s European revenues soared, along with their credibility as a leading soft drinks manufacturer.

While your branding success doesn’t depend on this deft level of marketing, creating a consistent, memorable brand offers incredible benefits that your business will benefit from.

Embrace the power of branding and content marketing to help your business to grow. At Bianca Frank Design, we’ve helped businesses worldwide to create a consistent branding and identity across all their media—and with a free consultation and I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee! We can help you to build a brand that passes the success test with flying colors!

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