SEO and Anchorage Web Design aim to inspire users to find and stay longer on your website, boost their experience, and make sure they visit again. Your web designs will enable fewer bounce rates and increased leads, and therefore result in increased sales.

What if you designed a spotless website and are still not getting leads?

It can happen when you put effort on web-designing but did not use effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your business shine. SEO increases your website’s spotlight exposure on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), increase web traffic, and provides an opportunity to please a visitor with your high-quality content on your dazzling website.

Two indicators of your professionalism and credibility are SEO and web design. These features deliver endless benefits, especially when you merge the two strategies and implement both. Bianca Frank Design is well-known for its ability to merge great web-designs along with SEO content marketing to give your business a superior online performance.

In this article, we are going to explain how we combine SEO and web design to channel your online website dreams into reality.


In this digital marketing world, the online presence of your website needs strong foundations. There are so many competitors in each industry and niche, that you really need to think about the competitive advantage to help you shine and stand out. If the basic aspects of your website are managed poorly, you cannot expect positive results from your SEO and Web Design strategies.

Let’s start with the key elements to make your web design strong enough to engage users. Here are a few key elements essential for web design:

Domain Name

We do not use the tactic of stuffing a domain name with a cluster of keywords. It not only looks spammy but also damages your site’s ranking and overall user experience. There are millions of available domain names but this doesn’t mean you can just choose any. When Bianca Frank Designs recommends a domain name for you, we search for a catchy and memorable one. The quality of a great domain name is its relevancy with your niche, easy to understand, pronounce, and remember. Our professionals would prefer using your brand name as your domain name because it is unique to you. If you are struggling with deciding a brand name, we are happy to help.

Web Hosting

The next important step a designer must know is web hosting. Identifing the suitable web hosting plan impacts your site’s speed, uptime/downtime, and performance. These factors are important because Google uses statistical data of these factors for indexing and ranking your website. Bianca Frank Design’s expert team members are experienced with using various web hosting platform, such as BlueHost, Hostinger, and more. We will identify the best web hosting plan for your website and update you each month about the progress.


We recommend an easy to use and manageable Content Management System (CMS) for your website. You may design your website as you prefer but here are a few important factors to consider before choosing a CMS:

  • It must be Mobile-friendly because many users will search your website via mobile devices.
  • It should easily show social-media integrated platforms.
  • It must take less page loading time (ideally less than three seconds).
  • The website design must be able to support a variety of content management tools.

Our team is specialized in using the most popular CMS CEO options, such as WordPress,Wix, and Squarespace. We select suitable CMS for your site, as we consider questions like these:

  • Will the CMS allow your site to customize URLs?
  • Will you be able to make on-page optimization without modifying the URL?
  • Will the CMS support Meta tags?
  • How can the CMS promote the online presence of your site?

Link Building

Did you know that Google crawls every page of your website separately while indexing it? This is the core reason to add internal links to make each of your site pages searchable by search engines.

A few months ago, a client approached us and explained his situation related to link building. He told us that he added many internal links and was expecting to see an increase in his site’s online visibility. When he failed in his approach, he asked us. We simply responded that adding links is not enough but you have to check if the interlinks work of not.

Let us explain this concept to you with an example:

Suppose you simply search for website on Google. You can see your indexed pages of your website. You can also check if the internal links are working or not. If we find any disallows on your site, we use web crawlers such as Google search console’s index status or Screaming Frog to resolve this issue immediately.

Keyword Search & Meta Tags

The essential component of SEO is keyword research because whenever someone searching using your keyword tags, your site will appear on the front page of Google. On-page optimization aims to rank your website higher, so, you are recommended to add keywords.

We offer keyword search tools which help estimate expected traffic, online visibility, long-tale and short-tale keywords, and information about your competition.

Meta tags or Meta descriptions show a reader what their website is about. The characters have a limit of 160, so we make it authentic and catchy to grab readers’ attention and lure them to click on your webpages.


URLs are another important part of SEO & Web Design. Check below and tell us which URL is logical to you?


Did you say the first one? I hope so.

We believe that well-optimized URLs attracts attention to your website or page even before readers click on your links. It will help potential customers locate their desired products or services even faster. Similar to the title, keywords, and Meta descriptions, the URLs provide a wider framework of your keywords to optimize search engines and attract users. This is the reason we prefer adding short, descriptive, understandable, logical, and optimized URLs to your site.

Website Navigation

Website navigation works similar to a menu bar at the top of your website. It inspires people to stay longer on your website as they browse the webpages. We prefer to understand the needs and expectation of your audience so we may custom tailor our building of your website navigation. We assume that whenever a customer visits your website, there will be proper navigation that will help him/her locate the required products and services. We value your customers’ time and make website navigation effective and easy. If a website is too complex to navigate then there would be loss of interest.

Page Load Speed

One of the most significant ranking factors is the page loading speed. Desktop and mobile users demand a fast page loading speed. Page load speed has a direct impact on users’ experience in terms of bounce rates and conversions.

Suppose visitors expect your website to load in less than five seconds. If it fails to do so, they will leave without wasting even one more second of their precious time. This is called “bounce rate” and it hurts your site’s performance and ranking, causing you to miss out on key sales.

Our experience has shown us that several factors affect the page load speed:

  • Your hosting plan
  • Use of high-resolution images
  • Auto-play content on your site
  • Number of plugins and popups
  • Unreliable Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Bianca Frank Design not only addresses these issues but also provides possible solutions to boost the page load speed of your website.


Final Thought

If you believed that SEO and Anchorage Web design are not connected, we hope that this article proved you wrong. Of course, there is a direct relationship between SEO and Web Design. Your website’s design influences users’ insights into your business, making it more professional and authoritative. Moreover, it impacts their engagement and decisions regarding purchase. We would recommend to consider your SEO and Web design strategies altogether and allow us to help you perfect. We offer our specialized team of SEO experts who will perfect your website by implementing essential SEO and web designing strategies.