2019 Has Landed—But Is Your Website Still Stuck In 2006?

If your website hasn’t been optimized, you might as well be invisible to your next customer…With some 86% of consumers checking out business online before making a single purchasing decision, it’s time to smarten up your website to ring in the changes—and ring up the register!

You might feel that you have no time to maintain your website—but consider this: it is your most visible marketable resource. A tweak here, a blog post there and a little redesign there will have your page views and sales steadily climbing up Google’s page ranks. Make 2016 the year you optimize your website and watch your online presence and sales grow—and if you really don’t have time, why not contact the experts?

Is Your Business Ready for Website Optimization?

There are so many steps to take to get a small business up and running. Marketing and advertising are such a small part that can seem overwhelming when you’re hip deep in permits and business licenses, paint colors and carpet samples. When is your small business ready for website design? Does it have to be done all at once?

website optimization

First Things First

Getting together a product or service worth advertising is the first step in your small business’s success.Keep your focus on setting up a plan and business plan, the marketing can come later. With the help of a website designer, you can leave these details to a professional.This not only takes the burden off you, but gives your small business website a professional feel.

Target Audiences

Your target audience is always key when it comes to website design. If your website is geared toward new customers for your small business, the design will need to be user-friendly and informative without being overwhelming. Once your small business has a solid customer base, you will want to use your website to get the interest of new customers that may not have heard about your business yet. Website design can help ensure you are targeting the right audience for the phase your small business is in.

Advanced Website Optimization Design

Once your business has grown and your customer base broadens, you may need your website to serve as more than an informational site.You may want to handle transactions through your website for online purchases that get shipped to clients or you may want to

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