Centuries ago, gladiators announced messages through writing on walls and papyrus. Then the printing press was invented and messages were shared through newspapers. Then with the launch of radio and television advertisement, the audience that received the message grew as news shared much faster among the local community. Nowadays, online marketing is trendy. Within seconds, your message can spread like rapid fire as it is quickly delivered around the world. [Tweet “All you need to do is create links and network.”]

Summary of Article. Link building is necessary for SEO content marketing. In this article, we will explain the role of Bianca Frank Design’s Link Building Strategy for creating an effective digital marketing campaign to advertise for your business. Before we get too far ahead, are you wondering what is link building and why it would be beneficial to you?

Whether you are an experienced business marketer or you recently created your business, you will need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to grow your business. I am Bianca Frank and I am here to help establish link building objectives that would best match your business model, find influencers, connect with key target audiences, and construct a strategy to attract customers. Link building is a broader concept and there is a lot to take in to consideration, that’s why we are breaking it down and providing you with the top factors you should know about Link Building.

In this Link Build 101 session today, we will discuss a few tips  about how Bianca Frank Design may be able to help you grow your business even more:

  • What is Link Building?
  • Why is Link Building Important?
  • How to Create Links?
  • How Will You Help Me?
  • Why Should I Trust You?

We will then conclude with a summary and a few tips about next steps.


What is Link Building?

“Link Building” is the strategy of adding hyperlinks to other websites, thereby, linking different webpages together. The goal is to add different links of other websites to your website to create a linking network of websites. You can think of this as online navigation for different pages. First, you would determine your objective of link building and start adding hyperlinks of similar or different niches to your website. This is a clever strategy to catapult your services, products, and business ahead of your competitors.


Why is Link Building Important?

Now, let’s discuss about the importance and relevance of link building to your business and SEO ranking. We have worked with many clients and concluded the following reasons about why link building is essential for your business.

  1. Establishing Connections. We believe that link building is not just adding a few hyperlinks to your content and promoting a specific idea. It is much more than that. We consider this strategy as relationship building with other websites, businesses, services, and people. In the game of link building, we are actually helping you establish connections worldwide. You will be reached by not only business owners but by many new customers for your high-quality services. Ultimately, this link building will lead to the incredible growth of your website and business.
  2. Brand Building. My team would love to help you develop and enhance your link building strategy. Let’s collaborate to help you establish authority, a competitive advantage in your market, and connections with other individuals and businesses to expand your visibility and customer base. When your website is linked to high ranked websites, you will be able to better market your business and build your brand. Clients will prefer to use the services of a famous and reliable brand over a new one so you will grow your reputation and trust in the eyes of your customers.
  3. Increased Number of Referrals. Let’s help you increase traffic on your website. While using my services, you will enjoy the benefit of linking with high-quality leads of top-ranked websites which will further result in even more referrals. I assure you that your website will appear on Google’s first page if you link your website to reputable sites. Once you are on the first page, your SEO ranking will already be at the top of your market and you will get many customers.
  4. Quicker Site Indexing. Are you familiar with “Indexing”? Indexing involves processing information about your website collected by Googlebot. Google runs a bot software to gather data from different websites in order to create an index list. The result of the indexing will define your rank on Google’s pages. Link building is important for achieving high index rank. So please consider the opportunity to allow us to use our mastery of Google Indexing to help link your website with top-quality websites to connect you with a higher rank on Google index.

I hope that at this point, you know how important link building is to your business. Also, not only is link building important, but it is also important to consider who is building the links. I am an SEO expert who is devoted to help channel your business for even greater success with handy evidence-proven SEO strategies. We believe in explaining every step to our customers so that they know about our strategies before even using our services.

How to Create Links?

Now, we will describe how the links are created. As the links are the fundamental components of link building, it is important to know about the creation of links. Generally, a link is composed of four different parts. All of these parts have specialized functions, such as:

  1. The Beginning Anchor Tag. The beginning or Anchor Tag is recognized as “a” and unlocks the link tag. It directs the Search Engine that there is a link starting from this anchor tag and leading to another website.
  2. The Referral Location of Link. This part of the link is known as a referral location or URL location. The symbol used for the referral location is “href”. The referral location of the link can be another web page, a downloadable file, or an image.

Note: Sometimes we use a referral symbol “#”, as it directs the reader to another section of the same page of your website.

  1. Visible Text of Link. The visible text in a link is the third important part of the link. It usually refers to something relevant which readers will see after clicking the link.

Note: You can identify this part in blue color and underline.

  1. Link Ending. This ending part which shows that the link tag is complete is the last important part of the link. It can be a slash, number sign, or any other symbol.

How Will You Help Me?

Bianca Frank Design offers a variety of methods for link building, which will be tailored to your specific business model, products, services, and niche market. There are lots of acronyms so we will ensure you understand our strategies and gameplan before we begin the project. Some of our frequently used methods include:

  • Produce High-Quality Content. We believe that generating high-quality SEO content will help you in linking your business with other top-rated websites. Our skilled team will apply various SEO strategies including Keyword tags, On-page optimization, SEO optimization, and many more. The content we will produce for your business will be highly shared and help you in links creation.
  • Guest Blogging: We also provide services for guest blogging. It will help your business link with other famous ones.
  • Publish Content: SEO ranking of your website can also increase by the strategy of publishing content to press releases and directories. This is actually one of our most used methods to help our customers rank high on Google.
  • Commenting: We suggest that participation and comments on other relevant blogs will bring you more customers. It is also a way of link building and networks.

Why Should I Trust You?

Your next question will be about the outcome of the link building strategy. Of course, it’s your right to know. As per our experience with hundreds of successful customers, it will take some time to show you positive results in terms of high ranking.

The outcome time depends on several factors including:

  • Your content strategy.
  • How well you design your Keyword search.
  • Your hired digital marketing company.
  • How well you are aware of competitors activities.
  • How many SEO strategies are being implemented.
  • Your domain history and web design.
  • Your knowledge about the online marketing strategies.

These factors are very important to achieve a positive outcome. The possible solution to this is to partner with a professional digital marketing company who is determined to provide branding, SEO content marketing, and web design services. Bianca Frank Design is well known for its SEO content marketing and many other services for business seeking brand growth. We use a holistic and innovative approach to help you grow your brand to its utmost potential.


In the modern era of digital marketing, businesses are shifting their assets toward online platforms. As with any business, the fundamental goals are to attract as many customers as possible, create as large of an impact as possible, and to optimize sales as efficiently as possible. To earn a name in the digital market, you must ensure that your brand and business is visible to potential customers. The solution is optimization of SEO tools, such as Link building, SEO content marketing, Keyword search, On-page optimization, and much more. Many digital marketing companies may claim to use these SEO strategies to help you rank higher on search engines but only a few are truly efficient and successful. Bianca Frank Design, based in Anchorage, is unique as we are determined to provide quality services in terms of SEO content marketing. We will learn your business model and will become your voice for promoting your content, services, and products.

Please contact Bianca Frank Design today to learn how we may help you grow your business into a whole new world as it truly is about the circle of link building.