Gaining website visitors from search engines is vital to the success of most businesses today. By understanding and utilizing search engine optimization, you’re able to improve your website’s search rankings and attract more free, highly-targeted visitors to your products and services. Here are some simple on-page SEO tips for better rankings.

Organized Internal Link Structure

The organization of links within a website has a large impact on the way it ranks in search results. Your website’s link structure needs to smoothly guide search engine crawlers through its various pages, as well as provide a user-friendly experience for those coming to your website in search of specific information. Some of the downfalls of poor internal link structure include difficult navigation for visitors and inadequate indexing by search engines.

Fast Loading Pages

A slow-loading website is a problem for your business for a couple of reasons. When someone arrives at your website, and it takes a long time to load, they’ll often leave and end up at the website at one of your competitors, resulting in costly lost business. Slow-loading speeds also can be extremely detrimental to your website’s reputation in the eyes of search engines. The last thing a search engine wants to do is refer their users to a page that won’t load properly.

Short URLs

Search engines prefer websites with shorter URLs for their pages, as long URLs present usability and shareability issues for visitors. Longer URLs tend to be viewed suspiciously and confuse people regarding what they can expect if they choose to click on them. If your website has a lengthy, outdated URL format, it could be worth consulting with a website design or SEO professional on how to make your URLs shorter. While this can take some time and effort, it’s well worth the investment to protect all the hard work you’ve already put into your website and ensure it will continue to pay off for years to come.

Use Alt Tags

Alt tags are short, text-based descriptions which can be included with an image when it’s used on a website. These descriptions help search engines determine the content of an image and know where to place it in their search results. Alt tags present a great opportunity for SEO, as they can be used to optimize certain pieces of content around specific keyword phrases. For example, a web page about growing tomatoes is going to rank better in search engines if it includes an image with an alt tag including the word tomatoes.

Proper Keyword Placement

The placement of keyword phrases within your website’s content can dramatically impact its rankings. Most SEO professionals recommend between a 1-3% keyword density, meaning your target keyword phrases make up that percentage of the total words in your content. Place your keywords in the page title, meta description and H1 areas of your content, as well as throughout the body of your content when appropriate.

These are just some of the many on-page SEO tips you can use to boost your website’s visibility in search engines. By improving loading speeds, utilizing keywords and alt text, shortening URLs and establishing an organized internal link structure, your on-page SEO efforts will be effective and show great results.

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