how to increase traffic to your website

This Is How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

It can feel hard to stand out online. After all, there were over 1.74 billion websites online as of January 2020.

How do you convince someone to visit your website and not one of these other sites?

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Web SEO Backlinks

The Importance Of Web SEO Backlinks

Web SEO Backlinking is one of the most reliable ways to promote your website and ensure it ranks highly in search engines, such as Google. Usually, Google uses backlinks as a reputation tool to index several websites. So a website with quality backlinks will be indexed quickly on Google, hence driving high-quality traffic to the site. As a result, the website receives a high SEO rank and becomes more significant in search queries, landing on the top of the first page of Google for specific keywords.

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Meta Descriptions

How to Write Remarkable Meta Descriptions

Nowadays, web marketing gets more and more competitive. It takes more and more effort to rank your websites high on Google and other search engines.

Sometimes, small things can have an enormous influence on how your website ranks. Bianca Frank specializes in web marketing, and we regularly ensure that all factors of your marketing are accurately managed.

Meta descriptions make your website stand out, and they catch the attention that is so important to get the ‘click’ from your customers.

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Anchorage Web Marketing Services

Bianca Frank Design Anchors An Array of Anchorage Web Marketing Services

The story of Bianca Frank Designs starts from 2005 and it began with a crash!

A pizzeria owned by young Bianca failed to take off. While some people at that point may have decided to quit the business altogether and pursue a job, this was not the case for Bianca. She decided to pursue her passion for Brand and Web Design and founded Bianca Frank Design. Since then, Bianca Frank Design hasn’t looked back; and she has even positioned herself as the one of the best web designers in Anchorage due to her ability to mesh brand, design, content and technical web design. Bianca excitedly oversaw the evolution of her company from graphic designing on freelance websites to a one-stop-shop offering a complete suite of solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in Anchorage. Bianca now provides an array of digital marketing services to clients with businesses in various industries headquartered around the United States.

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advertise online

6 Ways to Advertise Online

Have you tried to advertise online? Have you been on the move trying to market your business to gain popularity and attract more clients? In this post, you’ll find six hidden secrets of online advertising that the highest-ranking website owners have been keeping under their sleeve for the last decade.

So what is online advertising? It is the form of marketing that uses the Internet or web for advertising purposes. You may have seen brands share web-based promotional messages to express announcements about their brand, products, or services.

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Anchorage SEO Company

What Does an SEO Company do?

An SEO company provides various services to companies or businesses to help them increase their online visibility. There’s a lot to web site marketing, digital marketing, web design, and SEO marketing, and instead of trying all of these, hiring a professional SEO company frees up time for you to relax and enjoy the increased sales of your business.

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Alaska Web Design company

Three Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Blog

Stand out from the crowd with unique strategies.

In the modern era of digital and website marketing, business owners and marketers are using different strategies to drive traffic to their websites. Some opt for paid promotions while others believe in organic traffic tactics. Some may even create website mistakes that may actually drive visitors away. The need to engage more customers results in repetition of similar online strategies. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a startup marketer, you may be familiar with the common SEO strategies, social media packages, paid promotions, SEO content techniques, and keyword additions. Have you noticed a decline in your site’s traffic as your competitors also use similar techniques?

There must be a few unique ways to drive more traffic to your website. Bianca Frank Design is proud to provide distinctive and innovative ideas to help you make your website prolific.

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Anchorage Alaska Web SEO Backlink Services

Link Building: The Backbone of SEO Content Marketing

Centuries ago, gladiators announced messages through writing on walls and papyrus. Then the printing press was invented and messages were shared through newspapers. Then with the launch of radio and television advertisement, the audience that received the message grew as news shared much faster among the local community. Nowadays, online marketing is trendy. Within seconds, your message can spread like rapid fire as it is quickly delivered around the world. [Tweet “All you need to do is create links and network.”]

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Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using Facebook Live

As social media becomes more and more popular for brands, video marketing continues to be a key growth area.  Of course, companies have enjoyed a presence on YouTube for some time – but a more recent development is Facebook Live. The following article will look at some of the benefits of using live streaming video content on Facebook.

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seo marketing anchorage alaska

Proven On-Page SEO Tips for Better Rankings

Gaining website visitors from search engines is vital to the success of most businesses today. By understanding and utilizing search engine optimization, you’re able to improve your website’s search rankings and attract more free, highly-targeted visitors to your products and services. Here are some simple on-page SEO tips for better rankings.

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