We are in an era where every aspect of our life has been integrated with technology. More than 75% of the world population own smartphones, tablets, laptops, and conversational, personal artificial intelligent devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

As we continue to increase our online presence and footprint, we also need to expand the online growth of our businesses. Your online presence can help you improve your sales and connect with your audience from around the globe.

The most significant advantage of digital marketing is that with so many consumers online, you will be able to reach out to your audience effectively immediately. Digital marketing has taken the lead and has replaced traditional marketing, as traditional marketing methods can no longer reach people the way email marketing and other social media channels do.

To grow your business to the next level, it is vital to recognize the significance of using the various digital marketing tools and channels.

Online sellers consider digital marketing as one of the easiest ways to sell their brands and bring their stores back to life on online platforms. Consumers respond well when you can convey what your brand is all about and how your brand can truly make an impact, regardless of whether you’re doing it through emails, websites, or social media.

Website marketing, email, and social media allow companies to have direct interaction with consumers. So, consumers seek to receive more information about companies in a digitalized form than during previous eras.

Successful businesses attribute their success to digital marketing. Alongside attracting new customers to your company, digital marketing also has a significant impact on the increase of your sales.

It is important to remember that just because you have an excellent product, this does not guarantee success. By considering effective digital marketing channels, you are guaranteed to expand the global presence of your products and services.

Content marketing is getting more and more targeted and essential to your company’s marketing plan. Keeping on top of market trends will keep your business ahead of the pack and keep your business on top. Consider the following digital marketing channels to see which ones you can tailor to meet your niche and begin to incorporate them.



Channel 1: Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Most of us use these platforms to connect with family, friends, and the companies that create our favorite products.

It is also critical to remember just how often content is used on the go. People are much more likely to use they are surfing the web or social media sites as they use mobile phones to look up your business when they hear about it than they are to wait until they’re back at a computer.

How do you use social media for your marketing?


Channel 2:  Email Marketing

Email marketing is another digital marketing strategy that has dramatically helped many small businesses attract new customers and increase sales.

How email marketing works

  • Build your email list: You may do this by including a “call-to-action” to ask prospective customers to join your email list. You may consider sending a discount or a freebie to those who join your email list.
  • Your email list can also help you drive traffic to your blog articles, services, products, and social media sites. Send weekly emails with engaging content and tips about news, announcements, and suggestions. After your customers have learned more about you and feel more connected with you, then they may be more likely to purchase.
  • Use an email auto-responder to automate your email marketing. These services help automate your emails so that once someone subscribes to your list, they’ll automatically begin receiving your emails.

Channel 3: Content Marketing

Instead of a business speaking to them, customers are starting to want to see a human interaction from their favorite companies. You can integrate the human touch and focus into your content marketing.

  • A focus of the ongoing content marketing strategy is the development and creation of your weekly blogs.
  • Content marketing involves the creation of valuable and relevant content that will consistently be perceived by your audience to help you maintain the interest of your customers. For instance, if you’re operating a winter coats business, relevant content could be something like “Top 5 winter coats under $60.”
  • You can also optimize your content by incorporating SEO tactics that will enable you to rank on the front page of search engines.
  • You may consider catering to your content according to the unique lifestyles, perspectives, preferences, and needs of your micro-niches. Micro-niches within your target customer group might need to be addressed in different ways. Your primary focus may be on mothers, but to really grab attention, you may need to focus your marketing to mothers of adopted children or middle-class mothers with multiple children under the age of 5 years old.


Channel 4:  Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing exclusively focuses on search engine optimization services. This strategy involves promoting your product on search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google.

A Few Ideas to Consider for Search Engine Marketing

  • Bid for popular keywords. These keywords are the ones that your target customers will use to search for your brand. For instance, if you’re handling a motor vehicle store, you can incorporate keywords like “Top 10 cars to buy in 2020.”
  • Create an advertisement for your selected keywords. Include a highly motivational and compelling copy to attract the maximum number of the target audience that clicks on your advertisement. You may opt to hire a pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine marketing professional to help expertly create the advertisements.
  • Start a paid search campaign. Your Advertisement comes up in the search results once someone enters your targeted keywords into the search engine.


Digital marketing channels are highly effective but must be integrated expertly for optimum results. It is important to remember the basics of marketing- know your audience, ensure your message is clear and consistent, and adapt to changing audience needs.

Selecting the best channel may always not be easy. To boost your small business, you’ll need to hire an excellent digital marketing company to market your business. Bianca Frank Design is the best web designer in Anchorage.