Digital marketing is an essential part of marketing an Alaska business. The techniques that worked before may not work today.

If planning to start a business or improve your web presence, you will need to know what to do and not to do to affect your digital marketing strategy. Here are some ideas to consider in marketing an Alaska business.

Create or Invest in a Strong Company Blog

A blog should be dedicated to communicating what your business is all about and what its goals are. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience. Having a dedicated business blog will ensure that you have your secure platform aside from other social media platforms in the case that an update on the algorithm happens and may complicate your digital marketing strategy.

Make sure to daily use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. Consider using keyword research, customer surveys, and interviews with employees to find the most common and important questions that customers ask. Then you can answer these on the blog to improve traffic to your website.

Respect Your Customer’s Privacy

As a business that is just starting to build their online presence using digital marketing methods, having your customers’ mailing list is a huge privilege. With this privilege comes a critical responsibility to respect the privacy of your customers. Make sure also to teach the company or team members to practice the same.

Getting involved in selling your own customers’ mailing lists to other third parties can deal a huge blow to your reputation when discovered. Maintaining ethical marketing values will go very far in keeping a customer base.

Formulate a Plan

Formulating a tactical plan of approach to digital marketing will give endurance to your business’ online presence. Plan in unique and reasonable ways to move your company forward to success. Vague plans and ideas will be a detriment to the business.

Identifying your target audience will make creating marketing plans that are designed to maximize customer comfort a lot easier and will save lots of precious time and money.

Don’t Focus on Volume

Quality over quantity is the best approach to digital marketing. Spamming your customers or potential customers with low-quality blog posts will turn them away. Your customers or even

Google does not care how many blogs or articles you have posted on your website. Google prioritizes the quality and consistency of your blog posting. So keep that in mind when outsourcing your content creating needs.

Make sure the writers you hire provide content that is engaging, informative, and offers real value to your customers.

Try to Create as Many White Hat Backlinks as Possible

Backlinks are created when other websites link back to your website. It is a great and effective way to create an organic online presence for your business. Being listed on reputable and famous websites will add to the credibility of the services or products your company provides.

This will also have the potential to connect with industry leaders and will open more opportunities to grow your business to new heights.

Focus on the Customer Experience

From the content you produce, the visuals, or your website, all of it must cater to maximizing your customer or potential customers’ positive experience. Make sure that you also provide an enjoyable and unique experience that will stick to your customers.

Millions of contents are being produced on the internet, and customers will easily dismiss forgettable and unpleasant experiences.

Uninteresting or visually appealing content will not only be scrolled passed by but will also lessen your business’ credibility as a whole. If you don’t take time to enhance your customer’s experience, then why should the customer take time to visit and know your business.

Look for methods to make the experience different and innovative using your audience’s point of view, bring customers valuable content that they can consume, and remember.

Don’t Dismiss Email

According to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2017, email marketing still delivers one of the best returns of investments, among other digital marketing methods that exist today. It may be an old method, but it is tried and tested throughout the years.

Create engaging email campaigns that highlight the goals of your company and offer value propositions to your customers. Remember to respect your customer’s privacy by not spamming their emails and selling their emails to other third parties as revenue; this will negatively impact your reputation and trustworthiness.

Optimize the Mobile Experience

Today’s world is dominated by technology; millions of people use their phones every day for a variety of tasks. Mobile-friendly websites will be a standard in the upcoming future as Google has started to implement its mobile-first index in its search engine results page.

This means that not optimizing your website for mobile use will severely impact the traffic to your website as you’re eliminating a huge chunk of potential customers.

Don’t Dismiss Analytics

Understanding analytics is an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to know what your analytics are and set smart goals for the future.

Organizing and tracking your analytics will help you gauge the performance of the business and make smart and improved decisions on future goals to improve the business further.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Professional Help

Tackling digital marketing without the necessary knowledge and know-how can be very daunting for people. The amount of information and details you have to consider is huge if you want to succeed in building an excellent online presence.

This is why it is essential to seek out professional help to increase the chances of succeeding. Investing in hiring professional social media managers, competent web developers, and project managers will go a long way in creating a successful online business. Contact Bianca Frank today to learn more about why she has been recognized as the best web designer in Anchorage.


There are multiple paths and methods you can take to succeed in marketing an Alaska business, but there are also pitfalls that end up wasting money and time. The ideas above will help you avoid such a fate and keep you on track to success.