Stand out from the crowd with unique strategies.

In the modern era of digital and website marketing, business owners and marketers are using different strategies to drive traffic to their websites. Some opt for paid promotions while others believe in organic traffic tactics. Some may even create website mistakes that may actually drive visitors away. The need to engage more customers results in repetition of similar online strategies. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a startup marketer, you may be familiar with the common SEO strategies, social media packages, paid promotions, SEO content techniques, and keyword additions. Have you noticed a decline in your site’s traffic as your competitors also use similar techniques?

There must be a few unique ways to drive more traffic to your website. Bianca Frank Design is proud to provide distinctive and innovative ideas to help you make your website prolific.

Three ways to drive traffic to your blog/ website

  1. First way: Create Awareness in the Digital World about the existence of your Blog/Website
  2. Second way: Frequently post In-Demand Content on your Blog/Website
  3. Third way: Engage your target audience as the HERO of your Blog/Website

Increase Awareness About The Existence Of Your Blog/Website

Let’s imagine that you created a new blog and website for which you strive to drive a lot of traffic with minimal expenses. You might implement the frequent SEO strategies, such as search tags, link building, keywords, digital marketing, content creation, and many more. You can integrate those techniques. However, it is important to ensure that your blog and website is visible to your target customers. There are an array of strategies to help your website and blog succeed, but your main focus must be on the online visibility of your blog and website.

Bianca Frank Design integrates appropriate keywords by using keywords search tools in our Alaska Web Design company blog that will provide you with an estimate of average traffic per month. Linking your blog and website with other reputable websites will definitely increase its online visibility.

Using these common strategies in a unique way will attract more readers to your blog. It is important to recheck and replace old keywords with the latest and trending keywords. By ensuring your blog and website is always visible to potential new customers, you can ensure that you always continue to drive traffic.

Frequently Post In-Demand Content

As a top Alaska Web Design company, Bianca Frank Design recommends strategies to ensure in-demand content to bring unlimited traffic to clients blogs and websites.

Let’s suppose you are a buyer of a specific online brand that you tried and liked. A few months later, you would like to shop more, and visit the brand’s website. You planned to shop around for longer on their website but there were no updated products. As a result, you left the website after only shopping-around for less than a minute.

Similarly, if your customers will not find required and updated content on your blog and website, then they will leave within seconds. Search engines actually factor in the length of time that customers spend viewing your page, so it is important that your content is continuously updated to engage the customers to spend more time on your page for a longer duration.

Successful entrepreneurs always think with a buyers’ persona and consider these important questions:

  • Is the product worth buying? Is the content worth viewing?
  • What makes the content and product unique?
  • Is there a variety of modern content, products, and services?

The answers to these types of questions will guide you as you update your blog and website. How can you add new topics that are in-demand? You should maintain your focus on updating your blog and website regularly. Would it be possible for you to weekly create 2-3 blog posts about new topics? Have you considered your competitors’ work and the current demands of customers?

For example, let’s say you visited a website as you were for a pair of winter boots. You were not planning to spend an hour searching for winter boots, but the latest content, new collections, relevant blog post about winter boots, and customers’ stories encouraged you to stay longer.

In summary, a few key takeaways about our second strategy include:

  • Regular updating of your blog/website
  • Updating as per the requirements of your target audience
  • Using as many strategies as you prefer to incorporate updates
  • Adding a question-answer section to your website to get ideas
  • Showing your audience that you care for their needs

When you continuously update your blog and website, then you will be  sure to increase your traffic.

Engage Your Target Audience as the Center of Your Content

As a successful Alaska web design company, we have found this third strategy to be among our most effective. In the battle of increasing sales, marketers sometimes forget to add a personal touch to their content, services, and products. To engage more customers, you are recommended to provide your audience with content to relate to.

For example, you may have a healthy diet blog on which you have many blog posts related to your healthy diet products and services. You post frequently to increase your sales. As a revolutionary technique, you focus on adding customer stories and reviews to your blog, along with your product advertisements. If your content focuses on your audience as the HERO of your business, you will not only drive more traffic but will also improve the status of your reputation in the digital market. Customers will start trusting your product and services as they will notice the impact that your products and services have created in the lives of other customers who they can relate to.

For example, if a customer has decreased 150 pounds by using your product or reading your informative blog posts, then you should highlight and post about the customer’s success story. Perhaps, you could add a review and discussion section on your website so that clients can connect and share their challenges and success stories.

You can post your personal stories, Alaska Web Design case studies, customers’ stories, or any type of content that would engage your audience. If your audience feels personally connected with your content, then they will definitely stay for a long time.

Next Steps

There are hundreds of other ways to drive more traffic to your website, but our strategies will help you achieve real results. Bianca Frank Design doesn’t follow outdated ways to engage more customers, but relies on proven unique strategies. We provide web design services in Anchorage, Alaska to hundreds of customers. Our purpose is to provide long-term benefits for sustainable success of your online business. We will share real-life examples with you for ideas that we could implement to help revolutionize your content. Please contact us today for more information and more ideas about how we can help revolutionize your blog and website.