If you’re a business owner considering a website redesign to grow your company, asking the right questions before hiring a web developer is crucial. Understanding the essential components of excellent website design will allow you to ask intelligent questions and receive (hopefully!) the answers you’re seeking. To hire a web developer to update your business’ website without testing their knowledge first is like hiring a baker to bake you a cake, without first understanding if they have any experience with your preferred type of tasty treat. If you want to ensure the website developer you hire is the best web developer for your business, be sure to add the following five questions to your website redesign checklist.

Website redesign

Asset Optimization

Ask a potential web developer which of your current website assets will they optimize for performance, and which ones will they leave as is. Will they be analyzing your website’s current traffic to understand which pages are attracting the most traffic or will they haphazardly update all pages. Just because you want a website redesign, that doesn’t mean you should throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. Too many web developers think they should redesign all your site’s pages just because they can, without paying close attention to what is already working well for your brand.

Metric Measurement

Before hiring a web developer, ask them the benchmarks against which they’ll be measuring the new website redesign. Will they leave website performance monitoring up to you, or will they track elements like domain authority and bounce rate to help you understand if your new site is performing as expected? An excellent web developer won’t just help you create a new website for your business; they will help you understand what is working and why it is working to ensure you’re getting what you paid for.

Content Considerations

A superior web designer will help you analyze your current content and make recommendations for improved content. Ask a web developer you are thinking of hiring what their process is for analyzing content. If a web developer tells you all content monitoring is up to you, and they’re only responsible for the look of your site, you might want to think twice about hiring them to redesign your business’ website. While most web developers won’t help you craft new content, they should be able to make recommendations as to potential content improvements for your company.

Audience Persona Strategy

Before you sign a contract with a developer for a new website redesign, ask them how they go about creating an audience persona strategy. For a new website to work effectively for your brand, a web developer should have target buyers in mind before updating your site. If a developer can explain their audience persona strategy to you, chances are good they don’t even use one. Without knowing your target audience, how can they attract new customers to your business?

Growth Goals

A talented web developer should be able to help you analyze your growth goals and create a plan-of-action to achieve your desired results. Ask potential web developers how they will help you determine appropriate business growth goals and how they will integrate your goals into the website redesign process. A web developer should be a business partner, not just someone you hire for a one-off project and then never deal with again.

Ask these five questions before embarking on a website redesign, and your chances of achieving improved results increase significantly. The more effort you put into hiring the best web developer for your new website redesign, the better your chances are of being thrilled with the business website created.