A quick and helpful checklist to improve your Website in 2016. If you are doing very little in regards to marketing your business, your website is an untapped resource for you. So ensuring that it is in tip top shape will ensure that your investment will be worth it.

Test Your Website Speed

Speed can play a huge factor on whether or not a visitor will spend any amount of time on your page. Ideal webpage “speeds” need to be around 2 seconds or less. Most visitors will drop off at the 3 second mark. A great resource you can use to evaluate your website is tools.pingdom.com.

Make it Visually Appealing

Web design ease, user interface, and yes design still is vitally important to the usefulness of your website. Take a look at our example of a before and after shot of AK Mow & Snow website redesign. The functionality of this companies site was greatly increased by adjusting the site layout, imagery, and easy to identify icons.

good logo design




Make it Responsive

Since Google has pushed website priority based on if a site is responsive or not, maintaining a mobile website design and SEO plan is necessary to keep up with the needs of users. Below is an example of how a responsive website actually functions. Test your website to see if it reorganizes content in this fashion when the size of the window is squeezed and stretched.

Content Marketing Updates Once a Week

At the absolute minimum you should be adding new content to your website on a weekly basis. That is one time per week…minimum!  Yes, I’m being specific so that you don’t think that “new content” includes any minor text changes and/or corrections…it doesn’t. If you do not have time to handle this basic maintenance of your website, hire someone to do it for you.  An effective and optimized blog post has (at minimum) the following:

  • 300 words
  • A target keyword for ranking on Google
  • An Image

Are you not sure where to start but you want to improve your website in 2016? Please contact us to receive a free proposal on your web design , search engine optimization, social media management, content marketing, and/or website hosting and maintenance.

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