Reaching customers means planning smart approaches to them. One of those is using your website. That’s why you need to design your website with your potential customers in mind. Here are a few things to consider when you’re creating a website for your business.

Make It SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization is essential if you want customers to find your site easily. A good SEO strategy means it’s easier for people to find your website when they use a search engine. Some people think that making a site SEO-friendly simply means stuffing it with keywords to the point of repetition. However, high-quality content is a must, and using headers, great images, and making your site easily shareable will also help to create an SEO-friendly site. When using keywords, choose the right ones to draw in customers who need what you have to offer.

Make It More Accessible

Accessibility is something to look at from a variety of angles. Around 80% of Americans own a smartphone and use it as their main way of accessing the internet. If your site isn’t easy to access by phone, you are going to miss a lot of opportunities to connect with customers. You need to have a site that can be navigated easily using handheld devices.

It’s also essential to follow ADA standards so that you can create a site that everyone can access easily. You need to read up on current ADA compliance rules. It’s also important to review them periodically so that you will know if changes have been made. You need to think about the graphics, font, and coding you use on your site and how it will affect those with disabilities.

Be Consistent

Design your website with the content in mind, and keep the content coming consistently to draw in new customers and keep current ones. Customers who find a site they love and want to recommend it to others want to see that it is fully functional and updated often. It’s not a good idea to simply let your site sit without making updates.

Write new pieces or have shareable content ready before you need it. This will ensure that you don’t get behind, and it will keep your site looking fresh. Sites that aren’t updated may also stop appearing in searches, so consistency is key.

Make sure that your website is created with customers in mind. A smart design can help you pull in the customers you want and need.

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