Every business has a core audience they are trying to reach. In most cases, the bulk of your desired audience is active on your website, social media, interacting with various brands and consuming their marketing messages. If your brand is not active on social media, you are missing valuable opportunities to grow your following. Merely creating social media accounts won’t cut it, though, with a considered strategy necessary to keep people engaged. The following methods can be used to increase your social media reach and grow a devoted audience who stick with your brand.

Create a Branded Hashtag

It can be tempting to use common hashtags in an attempt to gain attention. In most cases, though, this won’t help your brand and can feel desperate. However, creating your own branded hashtag lets fans easily find your content in one place. Your hashtag could be a short slogan or motto, but it should be memorable and unique.

Build Anticipation for New Products

Rather than just posting new products as they are released, you should look to build some initial anticipation. Creating teaser images and videos can excite followers, leading to shares and comments that add to the buzz. When you eventually release the product, followers will be keen to make a purchase and post about it.

Use Branded Eye-Catching Design

Most of the popular social networks rely heavily on robust visual design. If you post generic images, followers will be unlikely to share your content in significant numbers. It can be worth using professional photographers and graphic designers to make your imagery pop off the page.

Use Various Media Types

Even though you may be most active in one area, using various types of media offers something for all your followers. The different social sites have different strengths, but the most popular ones let you post in multiple ways. Try to integrate videos, photographs, live feeds, graphics, and text into your rotation.

Follow a Schedule

Social media is not something you can dip in and out of if you want to maintain interest. Following a consistent posting schedule ensures you gradually increase the number of shares and followers you gain, helping your business to grow. While there are exceptions, most social accounts do not grow suddenly. Consistently posting and maintaining a quality output will ensure your reach expands.

Engage with Followers

Social media is about engagement, so it is essential you interact with followers. For businesses, having conversations with individuals might not be a good use of time and resources. However, responding to questions, reposting compelling content, and asking for opinions can help followers to feel they are involved and appreciated.

Hold Contests

Social media contests are a common sight, but they continue to work well. A simple contest might involve tagging a friend or posting a hashtag, helping to increase reach as you draw more people to your profile. If you want to go further, though, there are tools that can award points depending on how widely a user shares your contest.

Use Advertising

The need to use advertising on social media has grown in recent years. You can still develop a following organically, but it is far quicker when you are willing to pay for exposure. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter can ensure your content appears in front of a highly targeted audience. As long as you monitor your spending and ROI, social media advertising can be beneficial.

It is virtually impossible for businesses to ignore social media, with so many potential customers to discover. Social media is not something to be taken lightly, though, as there is the potential to damage your brand. However, with a considered approach, it is possible to find your desired audience and promote to them in a way that creates sustainable interest. Social media may not be where most of your customer base is, but you could find relationships are strongest when nurtured via the major social platforms.